The Sarahu new 1 Religion Wonder of the World

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The Sarahu 1 Religion Wonder of the World -Arabic ساراهو 1 عجائب الدين في العالم, Chinese 萨拉胡 1 世界宗教奇观

'Academic Achievement', Sarahu Nagarazan (almighty lord at universe)

Sarahu 1 Religion World Wonder Proclaimed[edit | edit source]

1st Religion Wonder of the World – Included 21 Holy scriptures, 15 thousand philosophy principles, 7 theories, universal truths, organs, lady principles, ‘Signiesm religion, ‘Himagiri’ new Nation their career and activity of life and includes new universal Penal code 2013 and 2022 new constitution of universe 2022 and death after life” of achievement.[1][2][3]

Those of achievement included has been proclaimed and declaration is that to the 2018, 2019 as the 7 most Human Wonder in the world, with the likes of some audience, public opinion and the likes of some companies, social systems and Sarahu’s 22 Foundations and their 200 Employees. The 22 organizations was founded for the same reason.

Who is that Human Being which all above was done, that person nonother than, Mr. “Sarahu Nagarazan (Allahu Jehovah)”

'Finally, These are all declared a winner of the “The Sarahu New 1 Religion Wonder of the World” (2018-19) initiative.'[4]

Sarahu 1 Religion Wonder FAQ’S[edit | edit source]

1. What is the 1 religion in the world?

• It is an extraordinary thing that involves God and Religious things world 1 religion wonder. And it is an extraordinary images thing.

2. Who wrote and founder signiesm[5]new religion?

Allahu Jehovah.[6]

3. How many scriptures have 1 religion world wonders?

21 Holy scriptures, 15 thousand philosophy principles, 7 theories, universal truths, organs, lady principles, ‘Signiesm religion, ‘Himagiri’ new Nation their career and activity of life and includes new universal Penal code 2013 and 2022m new constitution of universe 2022 and death after life”[7]

4. Is there any available penal code and Constitution in the 1 religion world wonders?

• Yes. In the constitution of the Himagiri is a total of 42 parts, 191 Teachings, 509 Articles, 5 Tables, 12 Approved subsections, and 8 Terminology.

5. Why 1 religion world wonder?

• Because in this world there is no exceptional religion in the world.

Sarahu 1 Religion Wonder Additional Information and Terms[edit | edit source]

• If your 1000 world records get passed then definitely that will become wonder.

• To become wonder you should have strong witness, audience observance letters also you should have collect witness certificates.

• If anybody makes 1000 world records in mass that will not be considered as wonder.

• To become a wonder you should also have an organization or company you should have established.

• The above organization or company should have minimum 200 employees.

• Among the employees of the company a minimum of 200 employees should have given recommendation letters.

• The wonder should be permanent variable, measurable and qualitable.

• Above 1000 world records must contain many amazing things.

• All records will not become wonders. Should have made 200 employees and some audience observation of 1000 world records which are measurable such records will be accepted as wonders.

• You have to use all types of witness forms which are given in SWR. You should keep all your witness forms dually filled and exhibit in your website.

• There are ways to accept as wonder in the following areas e.g. Ancient subject, or new modern subject, cultural activities achieve, love subject, civil architectures and any other subject.

• If the total world records should be more than 1000 not even single world record is please it will not be taken to for consideration as wonder.

• If your world records to be considered as wonder you should follow SWR guidance and should use them. And all the parts should be tested before processing completely.

• All evidences should be true and not fake. These witnesses’ forms or recommendation letters of employees and audience should have been approved by notary affidavit.

• Your achievements made doesn’t have notary affidavit then they will lose waitage and you will not be considered for wonder.

• You have to write a mini note of about hundred pages covering all the information regarding wonder.

• This should have comments, likes by schools, colleges, trust, societies, NPO, NGO’s and other some audience opinion for recommending about wonder.

• At least 1000 people should make like, comments about your wonder things. But it’s should not have been published in social media.

• One of your nearby villagers should have made likes and recommendations about the achievement of wonder.

• Your wonder should be big and special similar to established company which is also big and special.

• Every employee’s must have recommended your wonder with a signature and stamp. The stamp should be in the name of employee who puts his signature.

• Your website should contain special page showing the wonder and have the highlighted recommendation letters and wonder things.

Further Reading[edit | edit source]

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