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Signiesm - World all Religion Destination

Signiesm[1]is dharma, or way of life. It is the world's all Religion’s religion. The practices of Signiesm appear to be similar to those of Hinduism.[2] But Signiesm is not like Hinduism.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Religion Name Signiesm
Origin of Signiesm Salvation of rebirth
Established 13th October and 2022, 21st Century
Destination Eliminating legends and imaginary situations in scriptures in any religion and Similarly, it is not a religion related to any country or region. The purpose of Signiesm is to erase all the religions in the whole world and have one religion.[3]
Applying Worlds all Languages
Written Allahu Jehovah[4]
Scriptures Sanahi

Signiesm[5]is includes a range of Philosophies, and is linked by shared concepts, Cosmology, Pilgrimage to sacred sites and shared textual resources that discuss, theology Philosophy, Mythology, Yoga, agamic rituals and among other topics. Signiesm prescribes the eternal duties, such as honesty, refraining from injuring living beings, patience, forbearance, self-restraint, virtue, and compassion, among others. Prominent themes in Signiesm beliefs include the four Puruṣārthas, the proper goals or aims of human life; namely Dharma (ethics/duties), Artha (prosperity/work), Kama (desires/passions) and Moksha (liberation/freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth/salvation), as well as karma (action, intent and consequences) and Saṃsāra (cycle of death and rebirth).

Signiesm[6]practices include rituals such as pujā (worship) and recitations, japa, meditation (dhyāna), family-oriented rites of passage, annual festivals, and occasional pilgrimages. Along with the practice of various Yogas, some Signiesms leave their social world and material possessions and engage in lifelong Sannyasa (monasticism) in order to achieve Moksha.

Definitions[edit | edit source]

There should be no other non-human religions in the world except Signiesm; Because all present religions are man made religions. Without it, there is no salvation and survival for man. Reincarnations are happening from man-made religions. Unable to escape the cycle of birth and death. However, because the religion of Signiesm was built by Allahu Jehovah God himself, it is almost impossible for a human being to have problems in his life. The aim of Signiesm is to bring down all the present religions. But this is the same for all living things; Not just limited to humans. Its basis is that everyone lives in the same religion.[7]

Signiesm Career[edit | edit source]

Everything is managed here according to the rule framed by Lord Sarahunaath[8] means Allahu Jehovah. There is no scope here for any accidents and inconvinecios. Because everything is heavenly here. Himagiri[9][10]is itself is a heaven. People who live here live with the new world. Those who live here should consider themselves as they are god. Being god is should follow peace and patience.

Otherwise, Sanahi is a holy scripture. It has 21 to 25 parts. All the disciples and in group must and should worship Sanahi in the evening and morning. During visiting to prayer halls leaving Monday and Thursday should were saffron or white cloths irrespective of male or female.

There are different cloths uniforms for those who accept or follow the monk. They should were dark blue and dark red color cloths. Even the ladies who are monks should follow drees codes.

One who follows dress code always should recite gods’ name and always they will be having rosary in their hands. Un necceserly time should not be wasted. Always they will be having Allahu Jehovah's name on their tongue.

Marriage, birthday celebrations and etc will be celebrated under the banner of Signiesm religion. The parliament is Himagiri Constitution to this supporting to this.

Added to this follow the holy ‘Sanahi’. But Signiesm is a not part of the Hindu Religion.[11]

About Civilization[edit | edit source]

Originally ‘Signiesm’ is a new Religion and New Nation established by gods for gods. But, Signiesm is not isolation. Or, not religion related to humans.

‘Signiesm’ means living and non living beings of univers, human beings, with Panchabhootas (five elements)the product of this memory is ‘Signiesm’. That means to tell you in simple language ‘Signiesm’ means when all religions come together the result of this coming together special product of memory is ‘Signiesm’. There are no difference of opinion and castism. All gods means the super power of the universe is Himagiri nation. Here followers of all gods, the symbolically represented this is called “Signeism”. In Himagiri and Signiesm residing here they have a role to play like god. Especially divine mans and Saints they got a better role to play. All the governments will obey to those who follow ‘Signiesm’. Everything is decided by the god.

Above and all Himagiri and Signiesm have become Heaven.[12]

'Signism’[13]is most important of the new Religion in the world. Hindu Religion is part of the Sign. And Sign also part of the Hinduism. “Sanahi” is Holy Scriptures of the Sign. Sign Full form is – “Sarahunaath International Governable Nation.” Sanahi full form is – “Saranunaath Himagiriesm.” Otherwise “Himagiri” is their Country name.

All Religions staying in Himagiri and Signiesm. All energies are called by Signiesm. Theis dwelling place is called ‘Himagiri’ nation. But Himagiri means is not a nation. It is the whole universe. In other planets, and gods living in other solar system they conduct a meeting in the earth under the chairmanship of Allahu Jehovah. In Himagiri Devanagri is the main Capital. All the gods and I all biomass of the universe in Devanagri dwell in the governess of Allahu Jehovah.

FAQ’s[edit | edit source]

What is the Primary Language in Signiesm?

• There is no Primary Languages in Signiesm

• But everyone can use any language in sign. But life language should also be used under the initiation program.

What is the roll of Signiesm in the Universe?

• The main role of the signiesm is to take everyone to God in the Universe.

What is the Deeksha of Signiesm?

• Getting initiated it means focusing our minds on God.

Who is the Head of Lord in Sanahi?

• Allahu Jehovah

What is Sanahi? What is the Sanahi Religion?

• Sanahi is one of the most Holy Scriptures. And Sanahi’s religion is Signiesm.

• Sanahi – full meaning is Sarahunaath himagiriesm

Sign – full meaning is Sarahunaath international Governable nation

What is the Signiesm and Sanahi’s Country?

• Himagiriesm

What is Lord Sarahu Monastery?

Lord Sarahunaath Monastery is one of the most Independent and ideal of the Universe.

Where is the Sanahi Living World?

• Himagiri and anywhere in the world and Universe

When established Sanahi living World?

• 2020

Who is the founded Sanahi living World?

Allahu Jehovah

Who started Signiesm religion?

• Allahu Jehovah

What is the Religion of Bird?


What is the Religion of Animal?


Festivals[edit | edit source]

Signiesm and Himagiri in independent nation along with full independence it exhibits its own happiness. Signiesm is not a one Religion. Instead it is a spirit. And only one god. The devotees who offer every day they devotion is Naivedhya. It is a form of festival. When such is thing almighty has ordered four selected festivals per year.

1. Every year in month of February on every February 1st day they will celebrate a festival on Allahu Jehovah. At this time food, clothes and poors, poor villages and etc are donated.

2. Every year in the month of June birth day of Lord Allahu Jehovah is celebrated. Along with whole day puja, prayer, penance and meditation in prayers halls and in Jatra will be arranged in big way. That continuously for two weeks.

3. Every year in the month of November/Kartika Month festivals Jatra, Donating foods, cloths donates and such other activities are conducted in presence of Allahu Jehovah Jatra is arranged.

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