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Shovon Ahmed is a PR and Google Knowledge Panel expert with 3 years of experience. Renowned for optimizing online presence, collaborated with 200+ agency owners. Exceptional at crafting compelling narratives. A dedicated traveler with a global perspective. A go-to professional for effective digital branding.[1]

Early life

Shovon Ahmed was born on April 8, 2003, in Noakhali, Bangladesh. He embarked on his educational journey at Bamni Degree College, where he pursued a humanities background. His initial aspiration was to become an English teacher. However, his academic path took a turn when he enrolled at Noakhali Government College to study English. During his student years, Shovon developed a keen interest in the field of digital marketing and aspired to become a digital marketer.[2][3]


Shovon Ahmed is a digital marketing expert, renowned for his proficiency in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), public relations, and WordPress web development. He is the co-founder and CEO of WikiGenius, an online encyclopedia that is often compared to Wikipedia.

Shovon specializes in enhancing online visibility and reputation, particularly for entrepreneurs. His career began during his student years, and he embarked on a path of self-learning and experimentation. As a freelancer, Shovon's initial success in a small-scale SEO project for a local business paved the way for his remarkable journey in the digital marketing industry.[4][5]

Google Knowledge Panel

Shovon Ahmed is recognized for his expertise in Google Knowledge Panel, a prominent feature that provides quick and essential information about a person or entity on Google's search results page. With a track record of success, Ahmed has personally crafted and optimized over 500 Google Knowledge Panels for individuals and businesses. Through his extensive knowledge and experience, Ahmed has demonstrated proficiency in optimizing and managing Google Knowledge Panels, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is displayed. His contributions in this field have solidified his reputation as a go-to expert for navigating and maximizing the potential of Google's informational ecosystem.

Public Relations

Shovon Ahmed has made significant strides in the field of public relations, particularly in securing placements for clients in top American business media outlets. Leveraging his expertise and network, Ahmed has facilitated features for clients in renowned publications such as Forbes,, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, USA Today, and Digital Journal, among others. Through strategic pitching, relationship-building, and a deep understanding of media landscapes, Ahmed has successfully positioned his clients as industry leaders and thought influencers, garnering them widespread recognition and credibility. His adeptness in navigating the media landscape has earned him a reputation for delivering results and elevating the visibility of his clients on a national and global scale.

Wikipedia Contribution

Shovon Ahmed has made significant contributions to Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedia. As a seasoned editor, Ahmed assists clients in creating and maintaining Wikipedia pages, ensuring accurate and verifiable information is presented. His expertise in navigating Wikipedia's guidelines and protocols has been instrumental in helping clients establish a credible online presence. By leveraging his understanding of Wikipedia's community standards and editorial processes, Ahmed facilitates the inclusion of notable achievements, accolades, and relevant information on his clients' Wikipedia pages. Through his diligent efforts, Ahmed has played a vital role in enhancing the online visibility and reputation of individuals and businesses across various industries.

Panel PR

Shovon Ahmed's Panel PR offers a full suite of services to enhance clients' online presence. From creating Google Knowledge Panels to public relations, Wikipedia contribution, website design, SEO, virtual assistance, and Instagram marketing, Panel PR provides comprehensive solutions tailored to clients' needs. With a focus on accuracy and effectiveness, Panel PR helps clients navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals.


Personal Life

Outside of his professional endeavors, Shovon Ahmed is an avid internet entrepreneur with a passion for continuous learning and networking with like-minded individuals. He thrives on acquiring new skills and knowledge, constantly seeking out opportunities for personal and professional growth. Ahmed is also a passionate traveler, finding inspiration and adventure in exploring new destinations around the world. His love for learning and travel reflects his adventurous spirit and curiosity about the world around him.

Services Offered

Shovon Ahmed offers a range of essential services for enhancing online presence:

  1. Google Knowledge Panel Creation & Optimization
  2. Public Relations & Media Placements
  3. Wikipedia Contribution
  4. Website Design & SEO
  5. Virtual Assistance
  6. Instagram Marketing & Management

Ahmed's services are tailored to ensure clients' visibility and success in the digital sphere.

Raw Marketer

In 2020, Shovon Ahmed founded Raw Marketer, an online platform that provides a wide range of digital marketing services and solutions to businesses and individuals. The platform has since grown rapidly, and now has a large team of experts who work with clients from all over the world.

In addition to his work at Raw Marketer, Shovon Ahmed is also an author and content creator. He has written several books on digital marketing and entrepreneurship, which have been widely acclaimed by readers and critics alike. He also shares his knowledge and expertise through his YouTube channel and blog, where he provides tips and advice on various aspects of digital marketing.[6]


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