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Hasan Al Mahmud is a Bangladeshi Author and digital marketing expert known for his skills in SEO and public relations. Born on October 6, 2002, in Noakhali, Bangladesh, he's currently the COO of WikiGenius.

Early Life and Career[edit | edit source]

Hasan Al Mahmud grew up in Noakhali, Bangladesh, and developed a strong interest in the digital world. He pursued a career in digital marketing and became an expert in SEO, helping businesses improve their online visibility. He's also known for creating Google Knowledge Panels and excelling in public relations.

WikiGenius[edit | edit source]

Hasan Al Mahmud's impact in the digital marketing industry led him to become the COO of WikiGenius . Under his leadership, WikiGenius has become a recognized name in SEO, Google Knowledge Panel creation, and public relations.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Hasan Al Mahmud's expertise has helped numerous individuals and businesses improve their online presence. His innovative strategies and dedication to digital marketing have earned him respect in the industry.

This short article provides an overview of Hasan Al Mahmud's career and expertise in digital marketing, emphasizing his work as the COO of WikiGenius and his impact in the field.

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