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Panel PR is a leading public relations (PR) and marketing agency known for its expertise in Google knowledge panel creation, media placements, personal branding, press release distribution and guest post services. Founded with a vision to empower individuals and businesses to establish themselves as authorities in their respective industries, Panel PR has emerged as a trusted partner for clients seeking to enhance their brand visibility and credibility.


Panel PR was founded 2024 by Shovon Ahmed with a mission to revolutionize the PR landscape by offering tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients across various sectors. Initially focusing on media placements and press release distribution, the agency quickly expanded its services to include personal branding and guest post facilitation, catering to the growing demand for comprehensive PR strategies.

In 2024, Panel PR recognized the importance of online presence and reputation management, leading to the introduction of Google Knowledge panel creation services. This addition allowed clients to not only establish themselves in traditional media but also to solidify their digital footprint, enhancing their visibility and authority in the online sphere.


Panel PR offers a range of services designed to elevate clients' brand presence and credibility:

  • Google Knowledge Panel Creation: Panel PR assists clients in creating and optimizing Google Knowledge panels, enhancing their online visibility and credibility.
  • Media Placements: Leveraging a vast network of journalists, writers, and editors, Panel PR secures features for clients in top-tier publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Venturebeat, among others.
  • Personal Branding: Panel PR helps individuals and businesses build and enhance their personal brands, positioning them as thought leaders and industry experts.
  • Press Release Distribution: The agency ensures widespread dissemination of clients' press releases to targeted media outlets, maximizing exposure and engagement.
  • Guest Posts: Panel PR facilitates guest post opportunities for clients, allowing them to share their expertise and insights with relevant audiences across various platforms.


Panel PR has served a diverse clientele ranging from established companies and top entrepreneurs to small business owners seeking to establish themselves in competitive markets. Through strategic PR campaigns and personalized approaches, the agency has helped clients across industries achieve their branding and marketing goals.


Panel PR's commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it recognition within the PR industry. The agency's successful track record of securing media placements and enhancing clients' online presence has solidified its reputation as a trusted PR partner.

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