International Technology of Bangladesh

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International Technology of Bangladesh is an internet based social media organization. The founder and CEO of this organization is Bangladeshi entrepreneur, author and influencer Al Hasan Milad. The organization started its operations on 09 April 2022.

History[edit | edit source]

International Technology of Bangladesh basically provides all types of social media support. Most of the clients of the company are famous people of different countries including Bangladesh. The company is mainly engaged in Digital marketing, Advertising, Search engine optimization (SEO), Web development, Web design, Apps development, Website development, Graphic design, Video editing, Social media security and verification, in addition to popular people from all over the world. Social Media provides services.Activities. International Technology of Bangladesh activities started on 09th April 2022. There are total 38 officers in the organization. Each of them works separately.

Budget[edit | edit source]

International Technology of Bangladesh earns more than minimum 1 million dollars per month. It is one of the most popular IT organization in Bangladesh as well as one of the biggest budget institutes. The company is a major source of remittances in Bangladesh.

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