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Al Hasan Milad is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, author, influencer, social activist and founder and CEO of International Technology of Bangladesh. He is now well known for his writing, advocacy, social service and his organization International Technology of Bangladesh. Currently he is working as an ambassador for CalliGirlBooks LLC, USA.

Career[edit | edit source]

Al Hasan Milad started writing for the first Dainik Loksamachar online news portal in 2018 and later worked as a special entertainment correspondent for Jamuna protidin. He then wrote columns in various national and international newspapers. Al Hasan Milad's first book Sangram was published on March 9, 2022. It was published on the international online platform Ebook and after that it was published in many languages ​​of the world including Google and Play Store.

Organization[edit | edit source]

International Technology of Bangladesh is an international social service organization. International Technology of Bangladesh services of Bangladesh are available in all countries of the world. International Technology of Bangladesh is providing customer service with utmost importance. International Technology of Bangladesh was established on April 9, 2022. International Technology of Bangladesh is providing services to various reputed organizations starting from popular people of various countries including Bangladesh. Moreover, he is going to open an advertising agency called Icon Star, which will play a major role in television advertising, online advertising or offline advertising in Bangladesh. It will increase the quality of advertisement in the country as well as the companies will be able to do good marketing

Education[edit | edit source]

Al Hasan Milad passed SSC from Ranaping Adarsh ​​High School and College in 2018 and HSC from Syed Nabib Ali College in 2020 and is currently studying LLB in Metropolitan University.

Personal life and family[edit | edit source]

Al Hasan Milad is still single. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters besides his parents.Among which Al Hasan Milad is the eldest and then the 2nd sister completed his education from madrasa in 2021, the 3rd brother is studying in class 9, the 4th sister is also studying in madrasa and the youngest brother is currently studying in class 1. Siblings: Juma Begum, Raihan Islam Rabel, Nuha Akter Ruma and Muhammad Imtihazul Dihan Cousins: Ema Begum, Rima Begum, Rumi Akter Joba, Sohada Akhter Rupali, Chameli Akter Habiba, Fahiza Begum, Adil Ahmed and Tarek Shahriar Pabel Uncle: Layes Ahmed and Koyes Shahriar Grandparents: Kutu Mia and Fayzun Nesa

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