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Himagiri Penal Code

Biography[edit | edit source]

Allahu Jehovah[1] - has established a new nation nor world called “Himagiri". This country or World is also in the Himalayas between china and Tibet. And there is the great capital called “Devanagari ”. The current Himagiri has 14 major cities. They are all related to God Allahu Jehovah. And the Himagiri has a new constitution and a new law section. And there is alo have a new religion. And there were new sacred books when he was 32.

Rather than saying that the Himagiri country is a new country nor world, it can be called a new universe. Because the Himagiri country has kept all the countries of the world under its control. Himagiri is not limited to humans; or not dedicated. Himagiri it states that every country in the world should follow the Himagiri constitution.[2]The Constitution is not just for Himagiri country. At present, in some countries, many religious practices and religion are being threatened by the constitution already in place. Noticing this, Param Prabhu Allahu Jehovah created the constitution that he himself had created in the universe to be implemented in all countries in the world. He created it in the presence of all the deities of the universe. In that constitution, no country, no one is threatened. There is no difference. Everyone gets equality and freedom there. But the written constitution is not only applicable to human beings but also to other living beings.[3][4]

Penal Code Himagiri 2013&2022
Origin of Himagiri Penal Code Salvation of accused
Established 2022, 21st Century
Destination Eliminating legends and imaginary situations in scriptures in any religion and Similarly, it is not a religion related to any country or region. The purpose of Signiesm is to erase all the religions in the whole world and have one religion.[5]
Applying Worlds all Languages
Written Allahu Jehovah[6]
Scriptures Sanahi
Subsidiary Estimates 10 parts, 100 teachings, 512 articles and 8 terminology sections
Partner Himagiri Constitution

Source of Penal Code[edit | edit source]

Terrorism, wars, political parties, scheduled castes, taxes have been removed from the constitution. Every country has a unique constitution. There are means that is the constitution of the entire universe of all biomass.[7][8]

The Himagiri Penal Code is not similar to the Penal Code of other countries. Because Himagiri Penal Code was also created by Param Prabhu Allahu Jehovah. It is unlike the penal code of any other country in the world. Importantly, there is no evidence to convict the accused. There the accused is the accused. The guilty are not innocent. There the Himagiri Penal Code operates in divine law. There is no room for any man-made law, no politics. If a person does not get justice in other courts, he can directly appeal to Himgiri court. This means that even a divorce case takes place in a court for at least four years. But the said case can be settled in Himagiri court in just one day. Even a policeman will immediately find out whether a person who has been captured is guilty or not. The innocent cannot be punished without reason. It has about around 600 articles: It also relates to the entire universe.[9] Also with the he wrote the Penal Code of after Death and Penal Code of Present Life.

Final Destination[edit | edit source]

Ultimately the Himagiri Penal Code does not harm anyone; Ultimately this means that the Himagiri Penal Code does not look down on anyone. provided; Its fixed purpose is to absolve the accused, whether he is really guilty or innocent. If the penal code had been written by a man, it would have marked the guilty as innocent and the innocent as guilty. But since it was written by the Creator himself, Allahu Jehovah, almost all such Penal Codes carry a lot of weight. Also got a an ornaments. There are few examples in the intact world of living without committing a crime! But the lesson of life teaches that one can be acquitted even of a crime by God's order and advice.

Penal Code Examples[edit | edit source]

1. For example, A receives money from anonymous person B with any intention or by any means with the intention of deceiving A to earn money. After that, A will not contact B again. B dies after a few days. After the death of B, according to the Himagiri Constitution and Penal Code 2022 under Yamaraja, B is the most sinful person and as per the Penal Code of Allahu Jehovah, he is born as a very strict dog after he has cheated many others just as he cheated A. He is born as a very strict beggar.

2. For example, A is a priest, a Guru, a yogi, a saint, and a devotee. He worships God. But he does not get any fruit from God. Tired of this, he curses God. (God means any kind of god in the universe) Because of that he gets frustrated with life and commits suicide. Or, he blames God and leaves his daily work and turns his mind to another direction. But in a few days A will die. After A's death, as a result of cursing God according to the said Penal Code, he is reborn as a human in another life according to the Penal Code. provided; If he had not cursed God and had not turned his mind to another direction, then the Penal Code would have imposed good deeds on him from the same God.

3. For example, A poisons B in his meal. B is related to A, brother, brother, relative, and any other third person, so A has the intention of killing B with any intention, so she casts a poison in the meal. B dies. But whether the case goes to court or not, after the death of A, she will have the birth of a donkey as a result of the heinous crime of having bewitched B with any intention.

4. For example, whoever A may be, A will set his sights on a woman who is intoxicated by money and power. Later he cheats on them by having sex. But if female B has consented to sexual intercourse with A, there is no crime on A's part. But if the woman named B is fooled by A's deception, A's crime will also be committed. provided; If after the death of A the woman B has consensual intercourse, A will be born as a sinful pauper after his death. However, if the woman B is cheated without her consent, A will be born as a ghost for a maximum of 59 years and then take birth as a cat.

5. For example, A cheats on B. (Cheating means mixing prices in business and trade and quoting prices from one person to another and selling mixed goods) A cheats B. But B does not know about A's fraud. provided; A dies in a few days. If A has cheated enough people in the same way as B, he wanders as a ghost for 29 years and then takes the birth of a dog. But similarly, if he has cheated enough people, he wanders as a ghost for 58 years and then takes birth as a bear.[10]

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