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Terrorism, wars, political parties, scheduled castes, taxes were removed from the constitution. Every country has a unique constitution. There are ways in which all living things constitute the entire universe. But all of them are indicative of brutal acts. There is a great need for a penal code for their eradication. Himagiri is the first code of earthly life written by the creator Allahu Jehovah. According to Himagiri, the penal code of earthly life operates in divine law. It is important that he is aware of the activities that he does mainly in earthly life. Otherwise the sufferings experienced after one's death are very severe and it teaches the way to get the next birth according to one's sins and merits. The purpose of this Penal Code is to tell what kind of life will be the next life if the person goes and what kind of life will be in the future if the path is full of complications and what kind of crime or mistake will be committed.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Penal Code Himagiri 2013&2022
Origin of Himagiri Penal Code Salvation of accused
Established 2022, 21st Century
Destination Eliminating legends and imaginary situations in scriptures in any religion and Similarly, it is not a religion related to any country or region. The purpose of Signiesm is to erase all the religions in the whole world and have one religion.[1]
Applying Worlds all Languages
Written Allahu Jehovah[2]
Scriptures Sanahi
Subsidiary Estimates 10 parts, 100 teachings, 512 articles and 8 terminology sections
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Citations[edit | edit source]

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