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Himagiri Nation - [1]is a world. That is one universe and all the rest are its kingdoms. Although in the beginning Himagiri nation was established only for God, God-men and Saints, every divine souls, saints and gods in the world have been annihilated from their existence since God Allahu Jehovah came to earth. Hence Himagiri nation is called a world. This is the reason why the New World was named Himagiri.

The Government of the Republic of Himagiri World[edit | edit source]

Overview of Himagiri World

That is, after Allahu Jehovah had visited the earth five times before, he was very happy to see the cold regions of the earth and the Himalayan mountain range. And God Allahu Jehovah noticed the snow mountains and because man had divided the different countries and territories on earth, this time God wrote a penal code and a constitution for all living beings. If Allahu Jehovah re-creates God, divine souls, saints, then the following applies to human beings. that is,

Flag White and between all religions symbol with Allahu Jehovah
Motto Achievements, Peace and liberation in Spirituality
Anthem Namaste, Namaste Allahu Jehovah
Almighty Capital Devanagari
Humans Capital Manavagiri
Official Languages All Languages
Religion Signiesm
Nation Type Divine Nation
Organizational structure President: Vice President:
Legislature, Establishment Declared June 2020
Himagiri Area Claimed South to North varies between 125 and 250 miles (200 and 400 KM. Their area amounts to about 230,000 square miles (595,000 square KM).
Population Universe all biomass
Purported currency Rupaayi
Province 195 World Countries
Time zone Himagiri Standard Time is the time zone for Himagiri. With a time offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of UTC+05:45 all over Himagiri, it is one of only three time zones with a 45-minute offset from UTC.
Himagiri nation Established 2013, October 9th
Signiesm religion Established 2013 October 9th

If Allah re-creates God, divine souls, saints, then the following applies to human beings. that is, This is the Divine Nation. Himagiri also Known as the Republic of Himagiri, is a Independent Nation the Universe, Founded by Allahu Jehovah. The Republic of Himagiri has claimed itself a world, but it is not recognized as a country by the India or any major Government.[2]

Finally Himagiri Nation and Signiesm religion established is 2013 October 9th.[3]

Earth and other universe where divine groups nor all biomasses live, at the end of the Kaliyuga it is the intention of the gods and all biomass to establish a special country nor world called Himagiri. The divine power and all biomass which lives in universe and such other universe were living in special religion called “Signiesm”. Because they live on the earth separately Himagiri nation nor world the ‘Signiesm’ religion is established. Each and every divine group’s and all biomass holy scripter “Sanahi” is being recited. Earth and other such universe have become dwelling place for gods nor all biomasses and “Sanahi” has become Holy Scripture. If Allahu Jehovah re-creates God, divine souls, saints, then the following applies to human beings. that is, Himagiri where divine groups live separately it is an independent nation. In the beginning under the reign of 33 crore gods Allahu Jehovah on earth foundation was laid for the swelling divine nation called Himagiri. For those who intent live in Himagiri nation and ‘Signiesm’ religion provision is made separately for peoples, Devotees, every religions and divine mans. But there is separate provision is made to live for peoples, Devotees, every religions and divine mans seperately. Himagiri nation is established separately in each country at that time we do not a lot separate head quarters. Because Himagiri nation’s capital of ‘Devanagari’ center of each countries.

Himagiri was established 2013 October 9th under the all divine souls and angels gods and governess of all religions. “Signiesm” religion is the settle down of all biomasses. This was established before the existence of universe under the rule of Allahu Jehovah. “Signiesm” religion is a place where divines live. The important aim of Himagiri is to establish holy “Sanahi” and “Signiesm” religion is followed and the followers give them freedom, and peace is bestowed on them. Those who person suffered from the foundation of self religion, meaning full arrangement and who has become disgusted in life, such person cast and religion remaining away from differences ‘Signiesm’ and Himagiri nation is always welcomes. ‘Signiesm’ denotes “Sarahu International Governed Nationality”. Means it is an independent religion nor world. ‘Signiesm’s holy scripture is “Sanahi”. ‘Sanahi’ denotes “Sarahunaath Himagiriesm”. ‘Signiesm and holy Sanahi’ has indicates eternal religions. “Signiesm” is has becomes centre for all religions. For those who dwell here is easy to attain and easy way to see almighty. Those who follow ‘Signiesm’ and worship and those who are interested to see almighty and they get the Deeksha from holy scripture ‘Sanahi’ and ‘Signiesm’ religion and live anywhere of world. Or those who intent live separately on Himagiri nation nor world. For those who have getting Deeksha let it be whichever country, problems of states, exemption and rules or not applicable of law. Anybody who has Deeksha and makes mistakes naturally apologies. Even otherwise they have no powers to make any mistakes. Apart from this it is the nation if gods, after divine mans.[4]

Territory[edit | edit source]

Himalaya – Mountains, Rivers and Islands

Economy[edit | edit source]

Himagiri's currency is the Rupaayi, equal to 10 Rupees.

In the nation of Himagiri under the rule of Allahu Jehovah we have declared as national Rupaayi as currency. It is equal to rupees ten Indian currency. Himagiri’s currency when compare to other nations works in all the other countries. Thos who travel from Devanagari Capital to another nations or provinces at that time you have to get money exchanged equal to suitable to under the act of their nations. Those who come to Devanagari world they should get exchanged their money to Rupayi.

National Symbols[edit | edit source]

Himagiri’es flag is a horizontal ‘all religions symbol’ of white, between all religions with Allahu Jehovah Symbol. The whole white color with all religions symbols represents purity and the surrounding ‘Signiesm’ Religion prosperity and the Himagiri landscape.

Peacock: National Bird

Elephant: National Animal

Jasmine: National Flower

Namaste, Namaste Allahu Jehovah: Nationals Patriotic

National Bank: Not Released at a Movement

Rupaayi: National Currency

Devanagari and Manavanagri Deeds[edit | edit source]

Devanagari: 01. There are 33 crores of gods similarly, on the earth they live under the governess of Allahu Jehovah. In the same way, under the rule of Allahu Jehovah on the earth 33 crores of gods live, in another solar system, other planets also these 33 crores of gods live under the governess of Allahu Jehovah In Kaliyuga 1001 births incarnation of Kali (like Demon), miracles godly spirits had an accident unavoidably, in this reason Lord Sarahunaath came from Kailash to earth. After by killing Kali in the earth Lord Sarahunaath created a sepearte Himagiri Nation. After wards Lord Sarahunaath created a capital called “Devanagri”. Here there is provision for Lord Sarahunaath and 33 crores gods to live with human beings. But the man has to stay for 5 years in “Manavagiri.” After wards he has come to “Devanagri” and lives with 33 crore Gods and Lord Sarahunaath. Because Himagiri is a constituted place.

02. But, Devanagri for the whole year mediation, Penance, worshiping, Homam, Havana and other spirituals cane be performed. And every year safety of the universe is taken care there. Every year in the month of October on ‘Navaratri’ Day in Devanagari under the rule of Lord Sarahunaath 33 crore of gods go to Kailash for preaching. But for nine days in Manavagiri our registered peoples worship, prayers, donating food other eatables distribute among poor peoples and others also. This will continue till Lord Sarahunaath and 33 crores gods come from Kailash back to Himagiri.

Manavagiri 01. Those who taken Deeksha can live anywhere on the earth. Or can live permanently our Province by name Manavagiri. But only gods can live in Devanagri. Those who have taken Deeksha in Manavagiri go back to Devanagari. And live there. Till such period they belong to ‘Singiesm’ religion and Himagiri antion.

02. It is not necessary that Manavagiri have to seperate place. If at all place is available by performing pujas we can construct buildings in Himagiri Circle. And the following will emerge temples, plants, prayer halls, mediation and yoga centers, homes, cottages, flower plantations, holy wells, banks, hospitals, schools and colleges. Till such period those who have taken Deeksha can live anywhere in the world.

03. If at all place is not available for the construction of it becomes only a dream. Or human beings live on this earth it will be called as Manavagiri. There Lord Sarahunaath will be the head. On surface man has made by mis cheap has made cast and religions. But it will be decided by the god. It is the law of the universe that himagiri is the abode of gods. And this has been judged in Kailash.

04. But for those who like Himagiri and Signiesm religion can take Deeksha and stay anywhere in the world. Or can live separately with Lord Sarahunaath in Monastery. But for them in that time there is no place for them Devanagri. After may be able to stay in Devanagri after 5 years. Then they will get a chance to dilaouge with an almighty.

05. Every year in month of februvery on every Shivartri day they will celebrate a festival on lord Shiva and Lord Sarahunaath. At this time food, cloths and poors, poor villages and etc are donaterd.

06. Every year in the month of June birth day of Lord Sarahunaath is celebrated. Along with whole day puja, prayer, penance and meditation in prayers halls and in Jatra will be arranged in big way. That continusuly for two weeks each conducted, in Himagiri base in, only in Manavagiri. Anybody can come to that place in that time. But they don’t get any rights whatsoever.

07. Every year in the month of November/Kartika Month festivals Jatra, Donating foods, cloths donates and such other activities are conducted in presence of Lord Sarahunaath, Shree Parvathi and Shree Ganga devi Jatra is arranged.

08. Puja of gods, Homam, Havan, ritual room construction, construction of orphanage, construction of teaching rooms, construction of buildings, construction of houses, business, developments, construction of factories and find out salvation from them.

Wich Country is Himagiri Located in?[edit | edit source]

The Himagiri stretch scross the northeastern portion of India. They cover approximately 1,500mi (2,400km) and pass through the nations of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan and Nepal.

Where do Himagiri start and end?

The Himagiri are a range of mountains in Asia. The Himagiri proper stretched from the Indus River in Pakistan, through India, Nepal, and Bhutan and ends at the Bramaputra River in eastern India.

Wich Country has most of the Himagiri nation?

Though India, Nepal and Bhutan have sovereignty over most of the Himagiri, Pakistan and China also occupy parts of them.

Where is Himagiri nation in the World?

This zone and nation is the world most area in the universe in the India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, China and Nepal. Other wise this zone is the northernmost area in the country in the states of Jammu Kshmir and Himachala Pradesh.

The Himagiri is a mountain range in Asia separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. The range has many of Earth's highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest, at the border between Nepal and China. The Himalayas include over fifty mountains exceeding 7,200 m (23,600 ft) in elevation, including ten of the fourteen 8,000-metre peaks. By contrast, the highest peak outside Asia (Aconcagua, in the Andes) is 6,961 m (22,838 ft) tall.

Lifted by the subduction of the Indian tectonic plate under the Eurasian Plate, the Himalayan mountain range runs west-northwest to east-southeast in an arc 2,400 km (1,500 mi) long.[2] Its western anchor, Nanga Parbat, lies just south of the northernmost bend of the Indus River. Its eastern anchor, Namcha Barwa, is just west of the great bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo River (upper stream of the Brahmaputra River). The Himalayan range is bordered on the northwest by the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush ranges. To the north, the chain is separated from the Tibetan Plateau by a 50–60 km (31–37 mi) wide tectonic valley called the Indus-Tsangpo Suture. Towards the south, the arc of the Himalaya is ringed by the very low Indo-Gangetic Plain.[4] The range varies in width from 350 km (220 mi) in the west (Pakistan) to 150 km (93 mi) in the east (Arunachal Pradesh).

The Himalayas are inhabited by 52.7 million people,[5] and are spread across five countries: Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The Hindu Kush range in Afghanistan and Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar are normally not included, but they are both (with the addition of Bangladesh) part of the greater Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) river system.

How old is Himagiri Located in?[edit | edit source]

This immense mountain range began to form between 40 and 50 million years ago, when two large landmasses, India and Eurasia, driven by plate movement, collided.

Who lives on the Himagiri?

Lord Harihar Sarahunaath, Lord Shiva and 33 Gods and Goddess. Otherwise universe’s all kind of divines. And even divine mans, Yogies and Sadhu’s.

Who lives on the Manavagiri?

• Only humans

What religion is associated with the Himagiri?

• Several places in the Himalayas are of religious significance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

• But all religions under the Signiesm Religion.

How many states in Himagiri?

• No States.

Science and Ministry[edit | edit source]

1. Himagiri Air and Space Administration

2. Himagiri Biology and Geology Administration

3. Himagiri Psychology and Physiology Administration

4. Himagiri Medicine and Science Administration

5. Himagiri Aayurvedic and Natural Medicine Administration

6. Himagiri Medical and Bio Technology Administration

Territorial Administration Area[edit | edit source]

1. The Himagiri Constabulary

2. Emergency Management

3. Territorial Health Service

4. National Park Service

5. Environmental Management

6. Meditation Centers

7. Prayer Halls

8. Rice Donations Centers

Devotionals Programs[edit | edit source]

1. Daily Morning Prayers

2. Daily Evening Prayers

3. Every Weekly Prayer

4. Every Year Festivals

5. Daily Worship God

6. Daily Morning and Night Meditation

7. Daily Morning Yoga

International Government Section[edit | edit source]

1. Law Center

2. Ministry of Forest Area

3. Ministry of Sea Area

4. Ministry of Science Academy

5. of Educationals

6. Air Force

7. Military Area

8. Navy Area

9. President Section

10. Education

11. Others

About Signiesm Visa[edit | edit source]

If any tourist wants to come to Himagiri or anybody wants convert to Signiesm they should follow the orders of Allahu Jehovah. And they should apply to Visa and take permission to go out and come. Those who are the citizen's of Himagiri will not be permitted to go out and come. In the Himagiri government if somebody wants to apply for a Visa it will be forwarded to Allahu Jehovah freom foreign exchange office. After we are going through Visa’s Verification. Your application will be directed to the gods of that province. Or goes to Allahu Jehovah. And then it will be approved. Till such period those who are coming from others countries have to wait. Because it has to be cross checked wether the applicant is fit or not by divine powers.

Ask Deeksha[edit | edit source]

1. What is Deeksha?

• It is equal to get Deeksh directly from god.

• Once ones who gets Deeksh in Signiesm, should follow the rules of Signiesm. Should follow the culture of that Signiesm. This is helpful to the constitution of Himagiri and Signiesm.

• Those who get Deekhs will be declared as belonging to Signiesm. But there are no such conditions they should live only in Himagiri. They can go to any other nations. But there should follow the culture of Signiesm.

• They can come back at any time and settle in Himagiri nation.

2. Are there any special rules to get Deeksha in Signiesm?

• Yes. In any country strict rules and constitution Signiesm as similar rules and regulation. It is not like man made constitution.

• Nobody will be heart by this constitution.

• Here there is no room for diseases, immortal activities.

3. What are the merits required Signiesm to get Deeksha?

• There is no age limit to get Deeksha.

• There is no age casteism.

• Anybody male female etc all can get Deeksha in Signiesm.

• If culprits thieves want to become members in Signiesm they should and must stay in Himagiri.

4. What is the important work of Sanahi?

• Sanahi is a holy scripture. It has 21 to 25 parts.

• All the disciples and in group must and should worship Sanahi in the evening and morning.

• Those who study Sanahi once they go to heaven.

Corruption, differentiation, rape, murder, lying and cheating are the main rules of holy Sanahi. • In Sanahi one can see the end and beginning of Kaliyuga.

5. At what time it is better to get Deeksha?

• Every year door will be open in the September month of the every year.

• In Himagiri other nations peoples are not allowed to stay only person who have Deeksh from Signiesm can stay.

• As per the rule of Signiesm during prayer time men should were only white cloths, and women should were saffron or white cloths. It may be in the house or prayer halls.

• They can stay in country offer prayer in the evening and morning wearing these color cloths.

• There is no permission for others who have not taken Deeksha from Signiesm. But can pray and read by any other person.

Note: For those who want to stay in Himagiri and Manavagiri Signiesm as become a seperate religion centre. In common region as become a separate entity. For this man there is no permission to live with god in Devanagari. Anybody can live in Signiesm. There exist 33 crore gods. To live with those 33 crore gods one should have divine power.

For those who want to get Deeksha and firstly they should contact Himagiri and Devanagari office.

14 Major Cities under the Himagiri[edit | edit source]

1. Devanagari, Major City of Himagiri (China and Tibet)

2. Matterhorn City (Switcher eland and Italy)[5]

3. Denali City (America)[6]

4. Kirkjufell city (Island)[7]

5. Table Mountan City (South Africa)[8]

6. Vinicunca City (Peru)[9]

7. Mount Fuji City (Japan)[10]

8. Aoraki Mountain City (New Zealand)[11]

9. Kilimanjaro City (Tanzania)[12]

10. Cradle Mountain City (Tasmania, Austrelia)[13]

11. Mount Hagen City[14]

12. Castle Mountain City (Canada)[15]

13. Mount blanc City (Italy and France)[16]

14. Mount Olympos ranje City (Greece)[17]

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