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Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd is Bangladeshi leading Public Relations & Communications company.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Yeager Digital Private Limited [1] is a leading Public Relations & Communications agency. The agency specialises in the distribution of corporate press releases, multimedia to journalists and news publications across the country, which results in media visibility and a powerful online news coverage. As an integral part of their service, they deliver these news releases directly to Internet readers and press releases to targeted media. The agency utilises all available tools of Public Relations such as press release distribution, press coverage and earned media coverage. In their digital arm, they are providing social media management, social media content creation and promotion.

History[edit | edit source]

Yeager Digital Pvt. [2] Ltd. was founded in 2020 by Mohammad Nayem. [3] The company is registered and headquartered in Dhanmondi Dhaka, Bangladesh.[4] Since inception, the company has focused on delivering digital marketing solutions to organizations. These solutions have helped clients attain better goal conversions and on a lower budget.

By 2022, Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd.[5] curated thousands of digital strategies on a weekly and monthly basis adopted by organizations worldwide. Turning customers into leads is definitely not an overnight job. But with a strong team and several years of cumulative industry experience between them, it’s easier to spot what the trends are, what works and what doesn’t.

Service[edit | edit source]

Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd.[6] creates digital content and marketing strategies for brands. They curated content in popular fields such as sports, football, statistics, and odds as well as niche fields. Some of their services include social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, infographics, digital campaigns, etc. The company also helps clients navigate through guidelines and policies, ads disapproved and account banning.

Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd. [7] boosted about 10+ billion geo-targeted ads impressions per month to help clients reach their target audience effectively and efficiently. By adopting the latest technology, businesses can innovatively target ads to customers and gain a foothold in their respective markets.

Some of the company’s services include:

Press Release (PR) - Press Release [8] In this age of digital marketing, press releases are still an important part of any public relations or marketing strategy. This is because it is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to generate media coverage.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Search Engine Marketing services extend to pay-per-click advertising on popular search engines (including Bing and Google). Quality leads translate to a higher return on investment and clicks translate to sales. No two businesses are alike and each business needs a different SEM solution to help it succeed. Additionally, they offer services with respect to campaign strategy, keyword research, ad management, extension management, bids and placement management, campaign conversion and revenue tracking tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd. [9] helps optimize websites and webpages to drive traffic and high-quality leads to that site. Optimization can be classified into on-site optimization and off-site optimization. On-site optimization is making changes to a website to rank higher on search engines. And off-site optimization is increasing web rankings through SERPs, external backlinking, off-page SEO campaigns, etc.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Social media can be a good way to tap into potential customers. For that, Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd. [10] provides Social media marketing campaigns and services that extend to engaging with existing clients and future potential ones through platforms such as Facebook[11], Instagram [12], Pinterest and much more.

Content Marketing - Content and contextualized content are key to having a good digital strategy. Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd. [13] curates original content in the form of ebooks, podcasts, videos, print media, blog creation, infographics, web content, etc. and is a one-stop-shop for all things content.

Influencer Marketing - Along with the growth of social media as an industry, different jobs have been created or emerged from around it. Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd. [14] enables clients to stay up to date with trends and reach their audiences in effective ways through influencer marketing. Smaller influencers or influencers, in general, develop a personal bond with their fans and followers.

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