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WikiGenius is an online open encyclopedia, journal, and news source platform that allows users to create and manage their own pages. It functions as a mirror website of Wikipedia, providing a more accessible and user-friendly environment for individuals and businesses to publish content about themselves, their companies, or their projects. WikiGenius offers a more lenient notability standard, making it an ideal stepping stone for those aspiring to have a Wikipedia page in the future.


Wikigenius is a dynamic and innovative online platform that stands as a mirror website to the renowned Wikipedia. However, it offers more than just information dissemination; it acts as a powerful catalyst for unparalleled advantages in the digital realm. Welcome to, where businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries alike converge to unlock a world of enhanced SEO, amplified digital visibility, and masterful reputation management.[1]


WikiGenius mission is to provide encyclopedic verified and quality content to users under the free license for Peoples, Companies and any entity.[2]


WikiGenius is based in Bangladesh.

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