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Subhan Hashmi is a Pakistani entrepreneur known for his contributions to the IT industry. He is the founder of Grow Up Now, an IT company, and Digix X Marketers, a digital marketing agency.

''== Early Life ==

Subhan Hashmi was born on January 31, 2003, in Pakistan. He hailed from a Middle class family, with his father, Muhammad Akram, working as a constable in the Railway police. Despite humble beginnings, Hashmi demonstrated an early entrepreneurial spirit.

== Career ==

Hashmi embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the IT sector through freelancing on various platforms, achieving notable success and recognition as a prominent figure in the freelancing community. Motivated by his experiences, he founded GrowUp Now Company aiming to empower youth with digital skills and encourage Online-learning,[Freelancing, and entrepreneurship. His vision is to foster independence among the youth through digital literacy.

== Contributions ==

Hashmi's impact on society, particularly the youth, is significant. Through GrowUp Now, he organizes festivals in different cities to promote online earning, freelancing and entrepreneurship, inspiring countless individuals to pursue digital careers. He advocates for the importance of digital skills in today's rapidly evolving landscape and actively works towards bridging the digital divide.

== Education ==

Hashmi holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) from Virtual University of Pakistan, his practical experience and achievements in the Information technology attest to his expertise and knowledge.

== Companies ==

Hashmi is the founder of Digix X Marketers, a digital marketing agency, and GrowUp Now, an IT company dedicated to empowering youth through digital skills. These ventures exemplify his commitment to driving positive change and fostering entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.

== Personal Life ==

Beyond his professional endeavors, Hashmi remains dedicated to his mission of empowering [[youth]] and contributing to society. His journey from freelancing to founding successful companies serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative power of determination and digital literacy.