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Ujawal Jha (born on 14 September 1992)[1] is a member of the Nepal Communist Party Maoist Centre. He is a social activist, political leader, and philanthropist. He is serving the community by filling the gap between the government and the grassroots levels.

Early Life and Education[edit | edit source]

Ujawal Jha, son of Badri Narayan Jha was raised in Dhamura town of Janakpur, Madhesi province. He attended basic and secondary education at Shree Janata Primary School Dhamaura Ward no.4, Mahottari, and Shree Janata Secondary School Banauta, Mahottari. Later on, he pursued his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Tribhuvan University [2] and engaged in various community service initiatives.

Career[edit | edit source]

His journey to politics began at an early age. During his college years, he volunteered for local NGOs. His hands-on experience allowed him to witness the serious issues causing distress to his community i.e. inadequate access to education, healthcare, poverty & unemployment. [3] His commitment to addressing societal concerns like women's empowerment, education, health care, and rural development remained constant. He believed that education is the key to unlocking the opportunities for the marginalized sections of the society. Later on, having the leadership qualities and the determination to bring welfare into the lives of community people. He entered into the realm of politics to bring bigger impacts. As a member of the Nepal Communist Party Maoist Centre, he supported issues such as education reform, healthcare accessibility, women's empowerment, and environmental sustainability. As President of the Wada Committee in Balawa Municipality, he worked consistently to promote education access, healthcare reform, and equal opportunity for all segments of society. He started his first simple social welfare program, providing medicines and basic medical care regardless of people's ability to pay, under a tent close to his family home in Kanhaiya Bhawan.[4] He established his non-profit organization known as Ujawal Jha Foundation. The motive of this organization was to address some of the burning social challenges. He conducted literacy campaigns, provided vocational training, and educated people about health and cleanliness. He inspired communities and individuals to support his program, which inevitably led to bringing over 1300 people out of poverty. According to Himalayan Times articles, he is currently regarded as the first person in Nepal to establish such programs or ideologies. Subsequently, Jha's initiatives produced a considerable impact on people's lives, ending the cycle of

poverty. He is also a strong advocate for the promotion of SMEs in rural parts of Nepal.

He also has written a book called Bridges of Compassion: Navigating the Nexus of Social Work and

Politics Ujawal Jha book. This book contains six chapters having a detailed read into the interrelated areas

of social work and politics, from its historical foundation to the global implications of social justice.


As he believes in the power of collective work, he lives by the statement” Not all of us can do great things,

but we can do small things with great love.

Honors[edit | edit source]

The Yessiey Award (Yessiey Humanitarian Personality of the Year) [7] stands as a testament to Jha’s relentless efforts and profound impact. It was presented to him by The Cure Initiative For Individuals With Substance Abuse NGO. [8] This was awarded to Jha recognizing his previous accomplishments and inspiring his commitment to societal improvement. His constant commitment to social issues and unwavering activism for the underprivileged stand as an inspiration to many aspiring changemakers.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bridges of Compassion: Navigating the Nexus of Social Work and Politics [9]

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