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This is a template documentation subpage for Template:Infobox website.
It contains usage information, categories, interlanguage links and other content that is not part of the original template page.

Description[edit source]

This is a infobox template used to quickly summarize information about a website. This template uses Fandom's portable infobox markup.

To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Most fields left blank will not show up. Don't forget to include brackets, to make the fields into links.

Syntax[edit source]

{{Infobox website
|name           =
|image          =
|caption        =
|url            =
|slogan         =
|commercial     =
|type           =
|language       =
|registration   =
|owner          =
|creator        =
|maintainer     =
|launch date    =
|current status =
|article count  =
|revenue        =

Options[edit source]

  • name - The website's most recognized name.
  • image - The website logo.
  • caption - Caption for the website image.
  • url - Official URL, e.g. https://www.fandom.com/
  • slogan - The slogan of the website, e.g. "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit".
  • type - The type of website, search for similar sites for an idea.
  • language - The language(s) the website is available in.
  • registration - Is there registration, none/optional/required?
  • owner - The current owner, company name/persons name/alias etc.
  • creator - The person or entity that originally created the website.
  • maintainer - The person(s) or entity that maintains the website.
  • launch date - When the website was launched, consider using the WHOIS data as a last resort if you are unable to determine the launch date.
  • current status - Is the site online/offline/sold etc.
  • article count - For wikis, include the current article count via the {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} variable, if available.
  • revenue - The approximate revenue of the site.

Sample output[edit source]

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{{Infobox website
|name           = Some Website
|image          = Placeholder other.png
|caption        = 
|url            = http://www.somewebsite.com
|slogan         = We are some webiste!
|commercial     = No
|type           = Personal
|language       = English
|registration   = None
|owner          = Some Owner
|creator        = Some Creator
|maintainer     = Some Maintainer
|launch date    = 17 December 2017
|current status = Inactive
|article count  =
|revenue        = none