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Template Documentation:
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A template for people articles.
Add {{Infobox person|parameters}} at the top of the page with parameters as shown below.


{{Infobox person
|name          =
|image         =
|gender        =
|age           =
|birth_name    =
|birth_date    =
|birth_place   =
|Patents       =
|Relatives     =
|nationality   =
|other_names   =
|occupation    =
|years_active  =
|known_for     =
|notable_works =
|home_town     =
|height        =
|weight        =
|hair          =
|eyes          =
|website       =


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{{Infobox person
|name          = Some Name
|image         = Placeholder person.png
|caption       = Some Name placeholder
|gender        = Female
|age           = 29
|birth_name    = Some Other Name
|birth_date    = 1 December 1988
|birth_place   = Wikipedia
|death_date    = 4 December 2017
|death_place   = Fandom
|nationality   = Wikian
|other_names   = Some Pseudonym
|occupation    = Wiki writer
|years_active  = 2005 - 2017
|known_for     = Editing templates
|notable_works = Infoboxes
|home_town     = Internet
|height        = 5'7"
|weight        = 160 lbs.
|hair          = Brown
|eyes          = Blue
|website       = www.example.com

Installation Instructions
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