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{{{image_flag}}} {{{image_coat}}}
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: {{{national_motto}}}
Anthem: {{{national_anthem}}}
Capital {{{capital}}}
Largest city {{{largest_city}}}
Official languages {{{official_languages}}}
Government {{{government_type}}}
Prime Minister {{{prime_minister}}}
National Hero(es) {{{national_heros}}}
Currency {{{currency}}}
Religion {{{religion}}}
Population {{{population}}}
Area {{{area}}}
Population density {{{population_density}}}
Ethnic groups {{{ethnic_groups}}}
Major exports {{{major_exports}}}
Major imports {{{major_imports}}}
National animal {{{national_animal}}}
Favourite pastime {{{favourite_pastime}}}
Opening hours {{{Opening_Hours}}}
Internet tld {{{internet_tld}}}
Calling code {{{calling_code}}}

How to use this infobox: The fields appearing on the right are all mandatory fields that must be filled or else the infobox will show {{{blah}}} when used.

Here's the code you must copy and paste:

{{Infobox country|
|native_name = (mandatory)
|conventional_long_name = (mandatory)
|common_name = (mandatory)
|image_flag = (mandatory image)
|image_coat = (mandatory image)
|national_motto = (blah)
|national_anthem = (blah)
|image_map = (blah)
|capital = (blah) 
|previous_capital = (blah)
|largest_city = (blah)
|official_languages = (blah)
|government_type = (blah)
|national_heros = (blah)
|currency = (blah)
|religion = (blah)
|population = (blah)
|area = (blah)
|population_density = (blah)
|ethnic_groups = (blah)
|major_exports = (blah)
|major_imports = (blah)
|national_animal = (blah)
|favourite_pastime = (blah)
|Opening_Hours = (blah)
|internet_tld = (blah)
|calling_code = (blah)

Note: Pages with this template are added to Category:Countries