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Tanmoy Roy[1] was born in a Bengali family on 9th August, 1967 in Midnapur, West Bengali. He completed M.Sc. in Economics and B.Ed. from Vidyasagar University[2] and taught as a lecturer in a reputed college for some years. He is an Indian Film maker and screenplay writer who is known for his work in Bengali cinema. He started his career as a drama director and writer. He then (1995) eventually shifted to Mumbai and created a theatre group named “CHARUSHILA”, and then he started writing for them and did many plays. In 1998, he directed a play “MUKTI” which were appreciated by audience and critics.


In between (1996), he joined Mr Nabendu ghosh[3] and learned about film making. Mr. Roy’s released movies are “Sesh Chithi”(Bengali), CIRCLE” (Bilingual), starring Asrani, Amita Mangia, Rakesh Pandey and some Tollywood stars like Ena Saha, Sidhu (Cactus), Kharaj. “RAJNANDINI” (Hindi), staring Sudesh Berry, Amita Nangia, Kishore Nanduleshkar and Tollywood stars like Debolina Dutta, Biswajit Chakraborty etc. and upcoming are “SWAPNA SANDHANI” and sequal "Swapna Sandhani-2" staring Soumitra Chatterjee. “ ROCK STAR BINI”, starring Bhajan Samraat Anup Jalota.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Year Film Director Writer Notes
2017 Sesh Chithi Yes Yes Bengali
2018 Circle Yes Yes Bengali & Hindi (bilingual)
2021 Rajnandini Yes No Hindi
2024 Rock Star Bini Yes Yes Bengali

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