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Special Graphics is a United States, and based company that does graphic designs by connecting Special Graphics designers and clients. The company Founded in 2018 and has a Germany office in Düsseldorf.

History[edit | edit source]

Special Graphics was founded by Masoud Pajouh & Geeth Saptharanga. In 2018 which connects graphic designers and clients together. In addition, they successfully acquired Red-Dragon, a German competitor, which served as the new headquarters for Special Graphics. This strategic move empowered them to broaden their reach in Europe. In 2019, the founder and director board decided to establish United States branch in Florida, because the most of clients are from United States. By 2020, the company had 150 designers[1] supplies their service for the clients[2] in 180 countries. By 2021, company established the next branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Products[edit | edit source]

Lunched in 2021, Special Graphics courses[3][4][5][6] for the designers who doesn't have advance knowledge about graphic designing.

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