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Sonny Aiden Marmon(born November 16, 2008 is an American Bodybuilder known for being an influencer, Model, and Youth Bodybuilding Spokesman. Time magazine named Sonny "Youngest Bodybuilder"

Sonny Marmon

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Sonny Started lifting weights at the age of 12 with the support of his father Spencer Marmon, and his sister Jaycie Marmon. Sonny became active in weight lifting and took training and school weight classes, later on, Sonny started to get involved in PowerLifting and Bodybuilding competitions at the age of 13-14, Sonny took 1st place in 4 consecutive years in bodybuilding competitions. Which sparked attention and was the start of his career.

Career[edit | edit source]

Sonny can be seen on the covers of Time magazines and others, he made his appearance in 2021 on the cover of Time magazine as "The youngest bodybuilder" he began to get more popular after that, and soon he was getting reached out by more modeling agencies and did more photo shoots and commercials with brands and companies.

Sonny Marmon started his Instagram account which drew the attention of brands and competition organizations to reach out to Sonny, Sonny became a Famous Spokesman/announcer for Bodybuilding Competitions and a Model for several brands like Gymshark, FlexProMeals, Versace, and Muscletech in 2024.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Sonny's family calls Sonny a Kind loving member of the family. His father Spencer Marmon sadly passed away which put a lot of pressure and grief on Sonny especially having his father as his fitness coach. Sonny's sister Jaycie Marmon always supported Sonny on his dreams by creating his Instagram account for him. Sonny's family always loves to visit new places and go on vacation.

Awards and Recognition[edit | edit source]

Time Magazine named Sonny the title of "Youngest Bodybuilder"

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