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Siddhesh Suryakant Dongare[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare (born 1987) is an Indian information technology professional, project management expert, agility coach, inventor, author, life coach, and mentor. With over 12+ years of experience, he has established himself as a leading figure in the field, demonstrating expertise in data-driven program/product/project management, stakeholder management, strategic leadership, and go-to-market strategy.

Siddhesh Dongare is a product management specialist for Open Banking Business at MasterCard, the second largest payment processing company globally. He has extensive experience in various techno-functional roles at renowned technology companies such as Evia Information Systems, Riinfotech, Ergode IT Services, and Paper Plane Solutions.

Siddhesh Dongare is known for authoring his debut publication "Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective," which aims to inspire and guide individuals struggling with negative thoughts and emotions to alter their perspectives.

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, as the younger son of his parents, Suryakant Dongare, a branch manager at MSC Bank, and his mother, a housewife. He completed his secondary and higher secondary education through the Maharashtra State Board.

In 2006, Siddhesh Dongare enrolled at Vidya Vikas Education Society’s Vikas College of Arts, Science and Commerce, earning a bachelor's in information technology in 2008. He obtained a master’s in systems from the Mumbai Institute of Management and Research in 2010. Siddhesh Dongare also holds a post-graduate diploma in project management from MIT School, Pune.

Career[edit | edit source]

Early years[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare started his career in 2007 as a visiting IT tutor at the Quantum Education Centre, where he gained foundational insights into the IT education sector. In 2008, he joined Satyam Infotech, where he still serves as a visiting faculty member.

2010-present[edit | edit source]

After completing his master’s in 2010, Siddhesh Dongare started his project management career. Over the years, he has worked with several companies in human resources, e-commerce, web-based information technology, and AI payment solutions. He started his career in 2010 as a project coordinator at Evia Information Systems, followed by positions at Riinfotech, Ergode IT Services, and Paper Plane Solutions.

In October 2021, Siddhesh Dongare joined MasterCard, the second-largest payment processing company globally. He was promoted to senior product management specialist in August 2023. Siddhesh Dongare is influential in driving artificial intelligence-powered open banking APIs, product innovation, and strategic initiatives at Mastercard.

Life coach and mentor[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare is a life coach and mentor, assisting students with academic guidance and career stability. As an advocate for transformative perspectives, he inspires individuals to embrace change, cultivate empathy, and navigate life's complexities through an evolving outlook. Siddhesh Dongare believes in empowering individuals to take charge of their personal development and venture towards an enriching and fulfilling life.

Siddhesh Dongare is a certified Scrum Master and Agile Coach practitioner. He acts as a change catalyst, guiding organizations and teams toward heightened performance, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. He is adept at addressing individual, team, and organizational challenges by leveraging organizational culture and principles.

Book[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare is a pathfinder of perspectives, a storyteller of growth, and an advocate for the transformative power of changing perspectives.[8] Emphasizing this viewpoint, he has authored a book titled “Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective,"[9][10] a compelling exploration of the power of perspective in shaping our experiences, decisions, and overall lives. The book provides insights into life’s challenges, presenting a pragmatic approach to self-discovery and empowerment.

Published in November 2023 by The Write Order publication, the book has received a positive reception from Indian audiences and is available on Amazon.

App initiatives[edit | edit source]

1.      Agile Project Management Guide Mobile App Siddhesh Dongare launched the "Agile Project Management Guide," a free mobile app tailored for project managers across industries and individuals interested in in-depth learning about agile project management. The app aims to furnish comprehensive knowledge on agile project management, offering accessibility to project management concepts anytime, anywhere via a mobile platform.

2.      Cyber Safety Awareness Mobile App

Siddhesh Dongare introduced the "Cyber Safety Awareness" mobile app, a free resource addressing the perpetual concern of cyber safety in the modern era. In response to evolving technology and its associated risks, the app educates users on identity theft, online scams, and various cybersecurity aspects often overlooked in conventional safety discussions.

Award and recognitions[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare has received various awards and accolades from his employers and educational institutions, acknowledging his contributions and professional abilities.

MasterCard[edit | edit source]

Recognized for his contributions to embodying the "Create Value (The Mastercard Way)" approach in March 2023 and September 2022.

Paper Plane Solutions[edit | edit source]

• Credited with the "Elephant Memory Award" in June 2021.

• Titled "Fab Fundae Presenter" in June 2021.

• Received the "Helping Hand Award" in September 2018.

Ergode IT Services Pvt. Ltd.[edit | edit source]

• Awarded the "Best Presentation" in April 2016.

• Named "Most Agile Employee of the Year" in December 2014.

Vikas College of Arts, Science and Commerce[edit | edit source]

• Honored as "Best Student of the Year" in 2008 and 2007.

Intercollegiate Competitions [Tech Events][edit | edit source]

• Secured the second prize in the Website Design Khalasa College Competition during the Spark IT Inter College Competition for the academic year 2008–09.

• Won the “Website Design Competition” during the Zingers IT Tech Fest Competition held by SIES College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in January 2008.

• Won the “Website Design Competition” in both the years 2007–08 and 2006–07 as part of the Byte IT event held by Sathaye College.

• Won the “Website Design Competition” in the years 2007–08. Secured the second prize in the year 2006–07 in the Cyber Fiesta IT Event held by the Vivekanand Education Society's College of Arts, Science, and Commerce.

• Won the second prize in the website design and Photoshop competition during the Science Technology Fair event held by A.R. Mehta College in November 2007, demonstrating excellence in website design and Photoshop skills.

• Secured the second prize in the Website Design N. G. Acharya and D. K. Marathe College of Arts, Science, and Commerce college competition during the Spark IT Inter College Competition for the academic year 2008–09.

• Won the “Website Design Competition” in the years 2006–07 as part of the Fiesta IT Event held by Mumbai University.

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective (November 2023)

Patents[edit | edit source]

At Mastercard, Siddhesh Dongare has collaborated with the open banking international data science and engineering team and has published three significant inventions, including:

• Agile iteration for data mining (AIPDM) using artificial intelligence.

• Artificial intelligence engine for entity resolution and standardization.

• Artificial intelligence engine for transaction categorization and classification.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Siddhesh Dongare resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In his free time, he watches fantasy and superhero movies, with favorites including the Avengers and Harry Potter series. Additionally, he enjoys listening to music, reading books, and playing chess. Siddhesh Dongare also serves as a mentor, involved in assisting and guiding others.