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Biography[edit | edit source]

Sidney Branch, better known by her stage name Scilence, is a musical artist, song writer, and audio engineer. She was born on August 28 1990 in NE Washington D.C. Growing up in the DMV area, she was always surrounded by Go-Go bands, thus she started picking up the keyboard, guitar, drums and writing music by the age of 12.

Education[edit | edit source]

In 2021 Scilence attended Studio West Recording School located in San Diego, CA, where she received her training as a recording engineer. During her studies she also began interning at Black Wav Studio located in El Cajon, CA.

Early Career[edit | edit source]

Scilence started gaining massive popularity with her single "Crush" ft. Bizarre from the highly acclaimed rap group D12. "Crush" was 1 of 9 songs from her debut album titled "The Red Cup Demo" in 2021. Her musical genre is a mix of electronic 80's synth pop and hip hop. Her sound has a very melodic and sweet tone while her ad-libs have a more punchy aggression to them. Scilence continues to push the bar with autotune and it shows in her latest project "The Solo Cup E.P".

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