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Pradyut Kumar Talukdar (Born: November 25, 1975) is a prominent businessman in Bangladesh. He is the Founder of Prayas Group and [Group] Managing Director. The Prayas Group is a renowned business organization of the country. As an intelligent and far-sighted businessman, he founded Prayas Group to bolster the manufacturing and commercial sectors of the country. Though, his professional-career started in South Korea with a world-renowned automotive industry and later on, he established himself as a businessman in Bangladesh. Gradually, the Group's business has expanded and continues to contribute in numerous national and international areas which includes the business of coffee, leather-goods, garments, sports-goods etc. Prayas Group has also contributed in the media sector. Two of the most popular media houses of the country; such as: The Daily Swadhin Bangla and Alo-Ava News 24 are owned by this group. The ‘Motto’ of Prayas Group is: "আমাদের আস্থা".

Education and Family[edit | edit source]

Mr. Pradyuth Kumar Talukdar was born in a noble family of Ramjibanpur, Sunamganj. His father Birendra Kumar Talukdar was also a businessman and mother Ava Rani Talukdar was an honored-housewife. His father in addition to business embraced the politics of Bangabandhu, as a result he always extended his hand of cooperation to the people of Hawor. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar is the ‘Second’ among five brothers.

He has started his education in a local school at Ramjibanpur, Sunamganj and completed Secondary School level from HMP School, Sunamgamj. And, during the year 1991, he has taken admission in Sunamganj Government College and completed his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Consecutively, completed his Master’s Degree in ‘Human Resource Management [HRM]’ from Dhaka University.

The eldest brother Mr. Bidyut Kumar Talukdar was working as an Assistant Professor in the Shahjalal University, Sylhet. He served as the founding conveyor of Bangladesh Chhatra League of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Presently, he is working as an Associate Professor at St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova-Scotia, Canada and completed his ‘Doctorate’ degree from same university. The ‘Third’ among the brothers is: Dr. Jhalak Ranjan Talukdar was an active worker of Bangladesh Chhatra League at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. He went to Canada on scholarship when he was teaching at BRAC University. He earned his doctorate degree from McMaster University, Canada and now working as a post-doctoral research scholar at the same University.

The ‘Fourth’ among the brothers Mr. Pulak Ranjan Talukdar has completed Master’s degree from Shahjalal University, also completed ‘Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)’ in Canada and presently working in Canada as an [Government] Income Tax Officer.

Mr. Rupak Ranjan Talukder, the youngest, has been involved in Chhatra League politics since his student days. Currently, he is the vice president of Dhanmondi Thana-Bangladesh Awami Cultural Association. Mr. Rupak Ranjan Talukder is also currently serving as the ‘Director’ of Prayas Group.

Mother Ava Rani Talukdar passed away in 1988. And father Birendra Kumar Talukder expired in 2016.

Career Life[edit | edit source]

Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar started export-import business journey in 2004 and under his management, the Prayas Group started its journey in 2013. Prayas Group's journey launched with the establishment of ‘Talukdar Leather Goods [TLG] and with its [TLG] assurance-of-quality-standards and supreme-service, TLG has earned remarkable consumer-trust. Earning ‘consumer-trust’ is not that much simple. But Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar never deviated from his principles. He is very much committed toward his goal. Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar's far-reaching planning and prudent supervision has enabled the Prayas Group to structurally acquire considerable expertise and the ability to execute plans with success in every area. Prayas Group is not only a business-house but also created a great work-environment/workplace. About Fifteen hundred workers are working in various establishments under the group. Prayas Group is also contributing greatly to the country's socio-economic development by contributing to the revenue sector.

Social Activities[edit | edit source]

Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar has set an example not only in the business arena but also in fulfilling social responsibilities, he did not forget the personal responsibilities for the welfare of the inhabitant culture and humanity. He often revisits his hometown Ramjibanpur at Sunamganj and provides meals to thousands of people lives under the poverty line. Also played a unique role in building houses for flood victims, arranging medical camps for health care, financial assistance and relief. Keeping in mind the condition of poor and neglected people of Haor [a wetland ecosystem / environment], he has, always, been contributing significantly to the development activities of the people of Haor areas. The 'Haor Prayas Foundation' as established by the Prayas Group, has been quietly working to improve the lives of poor-working-people. In addition, Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar has set many examples of standing by the side of vulnerable and helpless people in numerous occasions.

•Besides, the names of the companies established by Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar are as under:[edit | edit source]

1) Royal Café;

2) Talukdar Leather Goods;

3) Prayas International Limited;

4) AloAvaNews24;

5) Daily Swadhin Bangla

6) SNP Sports & Apparels Limited;

7) Hello Kids school;

8) Haor Prayas Foundation;

9) Souhardo Agro Complex Limited;

10) Alo Ava Apparels;

11) SG Cricket (Bangladesh Soul Distributor);

12) Alo Ava International;

13) Talukdar International Limited;

14) Prayas Shop;

15) Royal Rangers.

•Participation of Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar; he is the:[edit | edit source]

01. Member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)

02. President of the Coffee Association of Bangladesh (CAB)

03. President of the Haor Prayas Foundation

04. Director of Lions Club; Dhaka kings

05. Chairman of Hello Kids School

06. Publisher and Chief Editor of AloAva News24

07. Joint Editor of Daily Swadhin Bangla

08. Life Member of Jalalabad Association

09 Member of the Bangladesh Finished Leather & Leather Goods and Footwear Exporters Association (BFLLFEA)

10. Life Member of the Sunamganj Association.

•Awards and Honors received by Mr. Pradyut Kumar Talukdar:[edit | edit source]

• Business Leadership Award-2022

• Council Speaker's Reception in Tower Hamlets, London.

• Bengal International Excellence Award 2023, Kolkata

• Bangladesh Film Society Shilpi Samati Shommanona Swarak

• ATN Bangla Shommanona Swarak

• Coffee Association of Bangladesh Shommanona Swarak and Other

• Success Foundation Award