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Early Life[edit | edit source]

Nikhael Neil Gurubatham (born November 9, 2000). is a Malaysian YouTuber, automotive influencer and Internet entrepreneur who resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He often goes by the nickname of Guru on his social media platforms as he initially built his name under the brand name Gurucollector.

NAME Nikhael Neil

Background[edit | edit source]

Nikhael was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and had completed his bachelor's degree in law at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom. He has always had a passion for the law and for the automotive industry. Upon the completion of his law degree, he decided to venture deeper into the realm of content creating and focus on it full time. Nikhael believes that the people in Malaysia have only touched the surface of content creating and he wishes to expand Malaysia's content creating scene internationally.

Career[edit | edit source]

Since the start of his content creating in 2020, he has gained over 450,000 followers on his social media accounts and has decided to pursue content creating full time instead of continuing to work as a lawyer. He believes that the content creating scene in Malaysia is under supplied and he wishes to contribute towards it by creating videos that are similar to popular international creators.

Being a young content creator, Nikhael decided to approach the creating scene differently. Throughout the first 3 years of his content creating journey, Nikhael would often wear a helmet when posting content videos and attending events. He believed that it would be a nice touch to maintain anonymity for the first few years of creating content as it would build suspense for when he did his face reveal. This also allowed him to focus on his Law degree as it allowed him to separate the two until he completed his studies.

BMW M4 GT Edition[edit | edit source]

His channel started in 2020 with his first build being his BMW M4 GT Edition. The build was targeted to be a one of build that was aimed at paying tribute towards the BMW M Motorsport division during the time. The car was meant to incorporate the designs of each division of the BMW M's motorsport in which the design was inspired by the M2 Racing, M4 GT4, M6 GT3 and the M8 GTE. Being this first build, Nikhael was worked with over 20 brands who sponsors and contributed towards the build as well as the growth of his channel.

Nissan Skyline R34 G-Spec PW[edit | edit source]

Upon the completion of his BMW M4 GT Edition build in 2023. Nikhael decided to start works on his Nissan Skyline R34 G-Spec PW Project and dedicate his build to the late Paul Walker who acted in the Fast & Furious franchise. He branded his R34 as G Spec ( Gurucollector Spec ) followed by PW ( Paul Walker ). The build was designed to pay tribute to Paul Walker by showcasing bits and pieces from the Fast and Furious franchise and allow Nikhael to showcase how he would have built the R34 for Brian O Connor to use in the movie. Nikhael started the R34 project in 2023 as it marked the 10 year death anniversary for Paul Walker to passed away in 2013.

BMW E46 NFS GTR[edit | edit source]

Alongside the commencement of Nikhael's R34 project, he also decided to purchase a BMW E46 and start work on a replica of the iconic E46 Need For Speed Most Wanted GTR that was used in the game. The iconic silver and blue BMW that featured a V8 engine. Nikhael mentioned that the reason he started this project was because Insomniac games had announced that they will be released a remastered version of the Need For Speed Most Wanted game in 2024 and Nikhael wanted to be the first in South East Asia with a replica of the build.

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