Michael Hislop

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Michael Hislop is a Australian writer, poet and executive.[1] He is the Chief of Editorial Board of Kavya Kishor International.[2] He was the Editor of Kavya Kishor English until extinction.[3]


Born in India, and widely travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Michael is well-versed in our world’s societies and cultures, in their wide diversity. He has an abiding love for Humanity and our history, traditions and stories, as well as the natural environment.[4]

University educated too, he holds Degrees in Politics, International Relations and African Decolonization, as well as holding a Doctor of Law. Currently 44 years of age, he devotes his time to writing literature, plays, papers and poetry. His current writing interests include: Humanity and History, Humanism and Sovereignty, Metaphysics and The Soul, Religion and Divinity, Consciousness and Reality, plus many others.[5]