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Mehdi Monir[edit | edit source]

Mehdi Monir

Mehdi Monir also known as Meditate is an English Rapper and songwriter[1] from Brighton, UK.[2] He is also the owner/CEO/Director/Founder of Meditate Records.[3][4]

Mehdi was born on 16 May 1994. His musical career started as a hobby merely to pass the time when he was 15 whilst (trying to survive a difficult season in his life.[5]

From really humble beginnings, Mehdi only realized he had something special after he started to compete with other musically talented friends. A career in music soon became a life goal that not only steered him away from trouble but was also a really positive release for his emotions. Encouraged Meditate Official (Rapper) by his friends and family, Mehdi, aged 17 released his first single, ‘People’s Cry on YouTube and Sound cloud on 9th January 2012.[6]

Music Career[edit | edit source]

Mehdi Monir has continued to grow musically, as an artist and as a person, releasing numerous other singles including a 4-track E.P. Wake up & Into your Dreams, another single, Write-Offs and his most recent project, a 9-track L.P. called Truths. With his personal journey and the struggles he has faced being his inspiration, he now seeks to inspire others to rise above their circumstances. Always keen to grow, he lives by his own motto of “A mistake understood you can learn by...but a mistake clueless to you, you can’t put right.”[7][8]

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • Meditate - That's cool (Official Audio) (2022)
  • Meditate - Sick (Official Audio) (2022)
  • Meditate - I won't stop (Official Audio) (2022)
  • Meditate - It's funny (Official Audio) (2022)
  • Meditate - That's cool (Official Audio) (2022)
  • Meditate - Solace (Music Video) (2021)
  • Meditate Ft Darren Gee - Choose a life not a knife (2020)
  • Meditate - May Bug (Music Video) (2020)
  • Meditate Ft Cyrus Malachi - What is your name PT2 (2020)
  • Meditate - Trust (Music Video) (2020)
  • Meditate - Cold Roads (Music Video) (2019)
  • Meditate - Dunya (Music video) - Persian Farsi Rap (Radio Javan) (2018)
  • Meditate - Write offs (Official Video) Prod. Ozzie (2016)
  • Mehdi Monir aka Meditate - Truths LP[9]
  • Mehdi Monir aka Meditate - Dunya (Single)
  • Mehdi Monir aka Meditate - Test Road (Mixtape)
  • Mehdi Monir aka Meditate - B-Major EP
  • Mehdi Monir aka Meditate - Yell (Single)
  • Mehdi Monir aka Meditate - It’s funny (Official Audio)[10]

Record Label - Meditate Records[edit | edit source]

2014: Wake up & Into your Dreams[edit | edit source]

Mehdi Monir In 2014 Released his first 4-track E.P. called ’Wake up & Into your dreams’, featuring, amongst others, (Black ink and Biggs), local artists from Brighton. Greed, a music video, was released on channel BL@CKBOX in Essex, whilst Darkness Brighton, another music video was released on his personal YouTube Channel, (Meditate Official).

2016: Write-Offs and other music videos[edit | edit source]

Mehdi Monir After a small break, he returned to the music scene on 5th August 2016 and released another music video called Moments on channel P110. On 10th August 2016, he released his new single and music video, Write-Offs. This was shortly followed by Drinking with me, also a music video released on 14 December 2016 also on channel P110.

2018: Meditate Records[edit | edit source]

Mehdi Monir Since 2016, Mehdi has worked extremely hard and has just released his 1st L.P. called Truths on all major digital platforms. Truths has 9 tracks with each track revealing a certain truth either to do with a specific situation in his life or the feelings and opinions he has carried throughout his journey.

On 5th February 2018, Mehdi took the bold decision to start his own Record Label Company called Meditate Records. His first release through Meditate Records, on 9th March 2018, was a brand new music video from his album Truths entitled Away using VEVO as a platform for the very first time. He has also been on many other great channels with plenty of freestyle/live videos and has aspirations to be on more. Since then on 29th June 2018, Mehdi released his nine-track L.P 'Truths' on all digital platforms. On 23rd August Mehdi released his first Persian rap single 'Dunya' on all digital platforms.

Modelling Career[edit | edit source]

Mehdi Monir' also known as Meditate is not only a talented musician but has expanded his horizon and now also has his sights set on a modeling career. Mehdi pursued an opportunity to combine his love of boxing, another tool he used to help deal with his anger, with modeling and started a local YouTube boxing channel/photography and videography page called Box Brighton. This will serve as a platform to showcase aspiring athletes and other talents.[11][12][13][14]

Mehdi, aka Meditate has a big heart, big dreams, and a passion and desire to impact others through his journey.

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