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Md Nur Hossain Zamadar is an Indian Lawyer, public speaker and Bengali poet.

Early Life

He was born on 5th november, 1997 at Deuli Maliari,West Bengal in his maternal house and brought up in his paternal house at Chutkia Jamidar Bari, Chutkia Radhanagar, West Bengal Bengal. Nowab Ali Zamadar is his father and Kohinur Beagum is his mother. His grand father Santosh Ali Zamadar was the son of a land Lord and his name is Mofijuddin Jamidar. On that time Mofijuddin Jamidar and his brothers were the richest persons of 24 Parganas and Sundarbon area. At the time of Communist government in West Bengal his family has lost their maximum property and wealth by the political pressure of the newly elected Communist government. When Md Nur came of his family, this time was more tough for his father to maintain their family due to political pressure. At the age of only five his parents sent him a residential school for better education and better culture but after some months of admission he had to leave the school due to completely closed of this school. Latter,his parents sent him a another residential school but after two years of his study Md Nur wanted to learn Arabic and islamic culture properly and again his parents sent him a another residential Madrasa. In the year of 2007 Md Nur came back his own house without completing his Arabic education. In the year of 2009 he has completed his primary education from his village primary school. In the year of 2010 Md Nur has qualified Mission Common Admission Test and he has got a chance to take admission in one of the best Muslim institution in West Bengal, Maulana Azad Academy. In the year of 2016 Md Nur passed his Secondary education and in the year 2018 he has completed his Higher Secondary education. Now, Md Nur is a student of law and he is continuing his study under the University of Calcutta.


Md Nur, is a well known youth public speaker and Bengali poet. He started his first journey from school life. He also participated "Speak for India"(The biggest debate competition of India for college students ) debate competition in 2020, West Bengal edition and he also made his fame.Md Nur, received several awards from the Government of West Bengal and others for his capability in public lecture. He also got Human Rights Education award 2020, from Human Rights Education Association(Gujarat,India ) for his innovative performance in the field of social works.In the year of 2017 his first poem "jatir kalanka " published in "oadhi" patrika. He also writes his poem in many Bengali magazine of India and Bangladesh.Md Nur, is also working as a Human Rights activist.



1) From Department of parliamentary Affairs (Government of West Bengal ),2017.

2)From Presidency Division (Government of West Bengal ), 2017.

3)From Maulana Azad Academy, Howrah, 2014

4)From Polly Bharati, Howrah, 2013

5)From Santanu Memorial award, 2014

6)From Howrah District, 2015

7)From Howrah District, 2017

8)From District Science Fair(Howrah ), 2016( for his works on energy physics )

9)From Department of youth, WB, Bagnan, 2015.

10)From Bagnan Block -ll, 2015.

11) From Bagnan Block -ll, 2017.

12)Speak for India debate competition(India's biggest debate competition), West Bengal,2020

15)Sahitto seeropa somman,2020

14)Human Rights Education award 2020, from Human Rights Education Association(Gujarat,India)

Personal Life

Md Nur lives in Kolkata for his higher education.His family lives in his native village.He is unmarried and single.He spents his time with books and writing.Md Nur likes Bengali foods.


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news papers and Television nsetwork like "The Times of India ", TIMES NOW Television Network " Eisomay Patrika ", "Kalom patrika ", "Dindarpan Patrika ", "Oadhi Patrika ", "Natun Goti patrika ", "Janatar Adalot patrika " "Dailyhunt news", "Newspoint", "Aponezone patrika ", "AB BANGA NEWS" also some youtube channels.Maulana Azad Academy(, Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College (