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Md Mofizur Rahaman is a renowned Bangladeshi YouTuber and internet personality known for his popular Facebook Page, Md Mofizur Rahaman, which boasts more than 11K followers.His engaging content, including Sports Content Creator,Sports Photography,Sports Filmmaking,Sports Video Creator, has garnered him a substantial following and a prominent place in the Bangladeshi online entertainment scene.

Birth[edit | edit source]

Md Mofizur Rahaman Was Born In Khatuadanga Village Of Monirampur Upazila Of Jessore District On September 03, 1998 In A Gazi Family. There Is A Famous Market Next To His House. His Father's Name Was Md. Sofor Ali Gazi. He Was A Farmer By Profession. Mother's Name Was Saleha Begum.

Education Life[edit | edit source]

Md Mofizur Rahaman's Educational Life Was Family Oriented. Md Mofizur Rahaman's Education Began At Khatuadanga Government Primary School. After That He Started His Secondary Education At Khatuadanga Secondary School. He Completed His Secondary Education In 2017. Admission For Higher Secondary Education Is Done In Many Reputed Nehalpur Schools And Colleges. He Completed His Higher Secondary Education In 2019. He Is Currently Studying At Manirampur Government College.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Md Mofizur Rahaman is a Content Creator & Video Creator. He was born in Jessore city in Bangladesh. He started his schooling at Khatuadanga Secondary School He Is The Second Child Among The Three Sons Of Md. Sofor Ali Gazi And Saleha Begum. From a very early age, he was attracted by Video Creator and Content Creator. He is also a good Video Editor. Now he lives in jessore city in bangladesh.

Carrer[edit | edit source]

This Field Has Attracted Young And Dynamic Youth And One Such Name Is Md Mofizur Rahaman. . He Has Made A Breakthrough In This Field So That Everyone Can Lead It And Mofizur's Has Remained A Household Name In The Industry. Md Mofizur Rahaman Is A Competitive Content Creator And Video Creator. He Continues To Do Business With His Clients Around The World With Time-tested Content Creator Strategies The World Today Is Governed By The Internet. We See A Smooth Transition Of Our Day To Day Business Activities Happening At The Instant. Content Creator And Video Creator Is No Exception. We Have Professionals Called Video Editor Experts Who Look Out For An Equivalent. This Field Has Attracted Young And Dynamic Youth Towards It And One Such Name Is Of A Young Boy Called Md Mofizur Rahaman. A Special Quote From Him: “in The Current Area, You Don’t Need A Mentor To Work Online, Google Is The Biggest Mentor. He Just Knows How To Promote And Practice Content Creator, Which Allows Him To Provide His Clients Worldwide With Some Tailor-made Marketing Solutions For Their Business. Despite The Tough Competition, He Was Able To Help Many Of His Clients Grow Their Business, Which Made It Effective For Their Audience. In A Short Time, He Was Able To Help Clients With Some Of The Best Solutions That Would Take Their Businesses To The Next Level. So Far He Has Served More Than 500 Clients Who Have Come From All Over The World. Also, He Has Helped Many Individuals, Personalities, Celebrities, Politicians, Businessmen, Local And International Brands In Marketing Campaigns. Everyone Thanks Him For Being An Expert Serial Entrepreneur They Are All Happy To Find A Solution. He Ensures That His Clients Are Served With All The Promises, Values And Good Results At The End Of The Day. This Is Why He Has Been Able To Build A Good Reputation With His Clients, The Percentage Of Return Customers He Has Got For Their Various Video Maker Jobs. Not Only That, He Loves To Help Young And Aspiring Young People Try Their Luck In Content Creator. This Has Made Mofizur’s A Skilled And Beloved Content Creator Professional Not Only For His Clients But Also For The People Around Him. He Is Running The Content Creator Game Smoothly And For Those Who Are Interested In Becoming An Entrepreneur, Mofizir’s Advice Is To “learn Content Creator As Well As Study, The One-time Study May Not Give You A Good Job, But Content Creator Will Take You To A Better Place.

Achievement Of Md Mofizur Rahaman[edit | edit source]

Bangladesh Best Content Creator Award, Bangladesh. Jessore, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Best Video Creator Award, Khulna, Bangladesh Division, As A Contestant Of "A" Group, I Have Won The First Place In These Three Years Of 2016, 2017 & 2018.

Hobby[edit | edit source]

1.Sports Content Creator

2.Sports Photography


4.Sports Filmmaking

5.Computer programming

6.Sports Video Creator

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