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Md Mehedi Hasan, professionally known as Shovon Ahmed, is a Bangladeshi-born digital expert, globally recognized for his contributions in Public Relations, Google Knowledge Panel creation, and Brand Management. With an impressive career, Hasan has worked with over 200 clients, showcasing his prowess in elevating their online visibility and reputation.

Professional Background[edit | edit source]

As the Founder of WikiGenius, an open online encyclopedia, Hasan has demonstrated a commitment to collaborative knowledge sharing. His digital wizardry extends to the management of several PR agencies, where he employs strategic practices to transform everyday stories into digital success for his clients.

With a passion for making individuals and businesses famous on Google, Hasan's career is marked by the creation of positive press releases and the implementation of advanced SEO techniques, including the utilization of Google Knowledge Panels. His journey is documented on Instagram, where he can be found at @ishovonahmed, providing insights into his dedication to turning ordinary stories into online sensations.

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of Digital Marketing, Hasan freelanced on Upwork as a Digital Marketer. During this period, he showcased his prowess in various digital domains, including SEO Audits, WordPress management, Off-Page SEO strategies, Web Content Writing, Organic Search optimization, YouTube Marketing, and Press Release generation and submission.[1]

Synthesis of HR and Digital Marketing[edit | edit source]

What sets Hasan apart is his ability to synthesize insights from both Human Resources and Digital Marketing, resulting in strategies that resonate on a human level while capitalizing on the power of the digital landscape. His holistic approach to marketing campaigns brings a fresh perspective to the industry.[2]

Notable Achievements[edit | edit source]

Throughout his career, Hasan has spearheaded digital campaigns that have propelled brands from obscurity to prominence. His unique blend of skills has enabled him to optimize organizational processes and foster a thriving work culture.

Connect with Md Mehedi Hasan[edit | edit source]

If you're seeking a professional who seamlessly blends HR insights with Digital Marketing expertise, or if you're looking to collaborate on innovative projects, connect with Md Mehedi Hasan and explore the possibilities.

Categories: Digital Marketing, Human Resources

Skills: Project Management, Project Planning, Microsoft Project, Human Resources, Convincing People, Motivational Speaking, Conference Speaking, SEO Audits, WordPress, Off-Page SEO, Web Content Writing, Organic Search, YouTube Marketing, Press Release Submission, Press Release Generation

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

LinkedIn: Md Mehedi Hasan on LinkedIn

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