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Mr. Creep, Here is one of today’s most self-motivated, determined, and innovative artists from Chicago Ill. by the name of Louis Lucien born in 1977 a.k.a. Mr. Creep. He was raised on the south-side streets of Chicago, Illinois. His dream began to show its face at the young age of 8 years old. He began singing in the church, writing songs and poetry. This inspired him to perform in talent shows and small performances throughout the city with brother Clarence “SPI” Briscoe and closest God brothers they formed the group 5th Law which’d performed for shows directed by D.M.A. and the Legendary Pink House one of Chicago’s most prolific DJs known for bringing new talent to the major platforms. During his high school years the 90’s he was in several groups such as 5th Law, CFluid, The Four Door Mobb, Chozen Onez and the Chi Town Kila Clique. This Chicago rap group prodigy was on the way of making his own footprints by using his musical experience to form his very own recording label called Scurvy Records. At the young age of 19, Mr. Creep began to embark on his never-ending goal to make it in the music industry. Soon his dreams began to take a reality flight and in 1998 he released his first single with brother SPI. the group was called C-Fluid. C-Fluid’s first album “Kingsize”, was released overseas, giving him the knowledge and experience from crossing business lines with Knotting Hill Music ] Group/Blak Jam Records, he learned the inner workings of the industry and how in the early years album can go “ghetto gold” in foreign markets and artist never know the outcome or severity of notreceiving royalties, that album did just that. This brung him to challenge the independent market more thoroughly and in 2001 he released another independent album with a group called the Chozen Onez. By independently putting out their own album and doing their own tour, they were able to sell 30,000 copies. Time went on and he began building a bigger brand KINGSIZE OF ATLANA LLC. and pursued better solo ventures, and in 2008 he released his first solo album “The Life of Louie” this gained him national attention which locked him into distribution options with several major companies. Today he has a working label in Atlanta another solo album on theway titled “Roseland” which will be released later this year date to be announced, several working artists and a focused grass rooted street team moving rapidly throughout Atlanta. Today he and longtime friend put together Come Clean DJs, a DJ/street team service focused on promoting independent artist in foreign territoriesoutside of the U.S. market. He also heads up a Construction branch of Kingsize which deals with home improvements. The main goal out of all of these business ventures is to focus on a more executive approach and keep his companys brand moving straight forward toward gain charting recognition while keeping out the middle man.

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