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Kenzie Goddard

Kenzie Goddard (Kenzie G) was born in Dundee, Scotland. Kenzie Goddard is Freelance Journalist, Online creator and Actor amongst other notable roles. Kenzie has acted in many of short films which have been popular online as-well as a few of these feature films gaining attention from the media.


Kenzie first gained enormous popularity and notability among a wider audience back in 2020 due to his celebrity interviews. These interviews took place with household-name stars on large social media platforms using live stream features and in person once COVID-19 lockdown rules eased.

Since then, Kenzie has accumulated a large following on many social media sites including popular video sharing platform, 'TikTok'. His 'itskenziegoddard' TikTok account featured collabs with other content creators and friends, lifestyle content, Political content and also feuds with other creators on the app. One of his most popular TikTok's was a Political trolling video which amassed over 2.7 million views and caused controversy. His main accounts on TikTok, as well as other social media platforms are constantly being banned due to apparent violations of community guidelines.

Personal Life

According to his Instagram as well as posts made to his TikTok account, he is currently training to be a Hot Air Balloon Pilot.


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