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Kay A. Oliver is a celebrated author of fictions books and esteemed Hollywood insider, is an innate storyteller whose creative spirit has illuminated her life's journey. With an enduring passion for literature and the written word, she has embarked on a dedicated mission to craft stories that ignite joy and captivate the hearts of her readers.

Oliver's signature easy-to-read style transforms her books into irresistible page-turners, brimming with unexpected twists that leave you spellbound.


In her latest literary endeavor, Oliver's storytelling prowess leaves no room for doubt. Her writing seamlessly blends her Hollywood experience with an unbridled imagination, ensuring every moment is nothing short of enthralling. As her reputation continues to soar, Kay A. Oliver is swiftly emerging as a legendary storyteller of our era. Kay A. Oliver holds a degree in Communication: Radio, TV, Film from California State University, Fullerton, and boasts decades of hands-on experience in the heart of Hollywood. Her dedication to excellence led her to pursue a master's degree in business and finance, complementing her already impressive skill set. She remains an active member of the TV Academy, a testament to her enduring commitment to the world of entertainment. Oliver takes delight in confronting challenging subjects and uncharted inquiries that serve as the underpinning of her narratives. In the case of "DISTURBED TOMBS," this fiction book central inquiry revolves around a thought-provoking question: What might transpire when we excavate numerous ancient tombs while, paradoxically, zealously safeguarding our present-day cemeteries from intrusion? While the story carries a hint of the paranormal, it raises a profound query: Are we unsettling the peace of those at rest? Although it belongs to the historical fiction genre, it encourages readers to contemplate the tantalizing "what if" scenarios it presents. ROAD TO ELYSIUM fearlessly confronts the complex themes of depression and racism, while also highlighting how a single, spontaneous decision can profoundly impact multiple lives for the better. Inspired by a real-life incident, Oliver was driven by a deep sense of purpose to convey the anguish and despair of loss, along with the transformative power of choices, which can unexpectedly set us on unforeseen journeys. This novel sheds light on the intricate interplay of circumstances and human decisions, underscoring the potential for unexpected paths towards redemption and healing.. This Award winning author continues with "SISTERS IN COLD" boldly addresses the stark reality that not all missing persons or murder cases receive the same level of attention and resources as those involving individuals with privilege and power. While a work of fiction, it compellingly navigates the imperative of resolving even the coldest of cases. This pursuit is driven not only by a desire for justice but also by the profound need to provide closure to the grieving families who continue to bear the weight of uncertainty. In her captivating narratives, Oliver skillfully weaves stories that not only captivate readers but also harbor significant educational undertones. Her work serves as a platform for raising important issues that some may shy away from or avoid discussing, all within the context of an engaging and entertaining read.

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