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Jordan Michael Solomon is a visionary entrepreneur who primarily focuses on creating a positive impact in his community. As the founder and driving force behind Atomic Wealth Strategies, Jordan has dedicated himself to educating and empowering business owners on the three core pillars of life; Health, Wealth and Alignment. His company is becoming a national phenomenon, reaching countless individuals and businesses through various innovative platforms.

Early Life and Education[edit | edit source]

In Jordan’s early years, he was attracted to entrepreneurship and found a passion for grasping the true definition of what “wealth” actually meant. He quickly found monetary wealth, but knew that there was a deeper definition that he was missing. Through his innate ability to earn monetary wealth, and his solid educational foundation, he was able to create a business that focuses on true wealth through the three core pillars of life; Health, Wealth, and Alignment.

Family[edit | edit source]

Jordan Michael Solomon has a thriving, blended family with his fiance, Amanda Szymanski. Together, they have 5 amazing children and 8 fluffy huskies. Jordan prides himself on being an amazing father figure and great leader to their family. He incorporates the same strategies he teaches into his everyday life.

Career and Achievements[edit | edit source]

Jordan's career is marked by a series of successful ventures, each contributing to his overarching goal of empowering others.

Jordan has obtained extensive knowledge and expertise in yacht management from his early years of entrepreneurship, where he managed over $100 million dollars in assets. This experience has helped sculpt where he is today with his current businesses and driven his passion for educating and empowering others.

His other ventures include Atomic Legacy Planning, an insurance agency; Atomic Wealth Mastermind, a platform for intimate and collaborative learning; and Atomic Real Estate Solutions, which delves into real estate investing. Each enterprise is a testament to Jordan's commitment to holistic financial education and empowerment.

Media Presence[edit | edit source]

Jordan Michael Solomon has extended his influence through a dynamic media presence. The Atomic Wealth Strategies YouTube channel and the Atomic Wealth Podcast have become essential resources for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the three core pillars of life; Health, Wealth and Alignment. Through these channels, Jordan shares actionable advice in an engaging and relatable manner.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement[edit | edit source]

At the heart of Jordan's endeavors lies a deep commitment to philanthropy. He consistently seeks opportunities to give back, whether it's through donating time, resources, courses, or money. His efforts extend beyond monetary donations, touching the lives of many in his community and beyond. Jordan's primary mission in life is to create a massive philanthropic impact in his community while inspiring others to step into their greatness.

Vision and Influence[edit | edit source]

Jordan has self-proclaimed his title as the  'Minister of Fun' at Atomic Wealth Strategies. He brings a unique and engaging approach to what is often an overlooked component to building true wealth. His optimism and persuasive manner have not only educated but also inspired a multitude of individuals to take control of their personal development.

Jordan Michael Solomon continues to be a leading figure in the three core pillars of life; Health, Wealth, and Alignment. His journey is a powerful reminder of how knowledge, when shared generously, can transform lives.

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