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James MacLennan is an accomplished business leader, strategic thinker, and the Founder and Managing Partner of Maker Turtle LLC, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world. With a focus on harnessing technology to drive innovation, delight customers, and promote corporate social responsibility, MacLennan has made a significant impact across various industries.

Career and Expertise[edit | edit source]

Maker Turtle LLC[edit | edit source]

As the Founder and Managing Partner of Maker Turtle LLC, James MacLennan spearheads a team that assists organizations in transforming challenges into opportunities. Maker Turtle specializes in leveraging technology to revolutionize products and services, optimize operations, foster innovation, develop engaged teams, and promote corporate social responsibility. MacLennan's leadership has contributed to delivering measurable and sustainable results in diverse markets, including consumer products, manufacturing, professional services, and healthcare.

Professional Experience[edit | edit source]

With over 35 years of experience in strategic development, applied digital strategy, system design, and operational management, James MacLennan has built a reputation for delivering results. His expertise extends across various industries, reflecting a deep understanding of the nuances and challenges each sector presents. His ability to navigate the complexities of the business landscape has made him a sought-after advisor.

Thought Leadership[edit | edit source]

James MacLennan shares his insights and methodologies through various channels, including online and print publications, public speaking engagements, and keynote addresses. His thought leadership revolves around simplifying the approach to digital transformation, emphasizing customer strategy, value creation metrics, and practical roadmaps.

Publications[edit | edit source]

MacLennan is the author of the acclaimed book, "Don't Think So Much," which presents a simpler approach to digital transformation. The book provides practical insights into customer strategy, value creation metrics, and roadmaps for organizations looking to thrive in the digital age.

Online Presence[edit | edit source]

James MacLennan actively engages with his audience through social media platforms: