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Jake Cortez is a renowned international best-selling author and investor celebrated for his mastery in sales, leadership, and communication, fueled by his fervor for public speaking. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Jake has honed his skills through diverse experiences, ranging from cold calling to personally knocking on over 10,000 doors, establishing himself as a seasoned and successful entrepreneur.

Sales Mastery

Jake's journey in the world of sales is a testament to his dedication and resilience. Armed with hands-on experience, he has navigated the challenges of the sales landscape, proving his prowess in various facets of the field. His expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge, underlined by his practical achievements and an innate ability to connect with clients.

Investment Ventures

In recent years, Jake Cortez has transitioned his focus to the realm of investments, particularly in real estate. Between 2021 and 2023, he strategically curated a real estate portfolio in Florida, amassing over 2000 acres. Demonstrating his financial acumen, Jake successfully syndicated over $12 million, spearheading five distinct projects that currently boast a collective valuation exceeding $80,000,000. Notably, he is actively engaged in the development of the second largest manufactured home park in Florida alongside his business partners, showcasing a commitment to innovation and growth.

Philanthropy and Positive Impact

Beyond his business pursuits, Jake Cortez is driven by a profound commitment to making a positive impact on the world. His people-first approach to problem-solving reflects a genuine desire to uplift others. Notably, Jake believes in the ethos of making money with friends and for his investors, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial environment.

In his spare time, Jake devotes himself to a cause close to his heart: breaking the cycle of recidivism. He speaks weekly in prisons, aiming to inspire and support young individuals in their journey towards rehabilitation. Jake's legacy is built on love and impact, where his currency is measured not just in financial success but in the lasting difference he seeks to make in the world.


Jake Cortez stands as a multifaceted individual, seamlessly blending entrepreneurship, investment prowess, and a deep commitment to social impact. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, illustrating that success is not merely measured in financial gains but in the positive change one can bring to the lives of others.

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