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Instant Press, also known as a press release distribution service, is a business that assists companies and organizations in the distribution of news releases and other communications to the media.[1] These releases can be in the form of text, photos, videos, or other types of content and are usually intended to garner media coverage and generate publicity for the company or organization.[2] is a revolutionary software that enables you to put together professional-looking press releases in minutes.[3] No more hassles in marketing your products and services, simply create an amazing press release and share with the world the power of your product.[4]

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Instant Press typically offer a range of services, including writing and editing press releases, distribution to media outlets, and monitoring and analysis of media coverage. Many companies also offer additional services such as social media promotion, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics to track the effectiveness of the press release and its impact on the company's online presence.[5]

Instant Press is used by a variety of businesses and organizations, including corporations, startups, non-profits, and government agencies. They are also used for a variety of purposes, such as announcing new products or services, sharing company news and developments, and responding to crisis situations.[6]

Instant Press has become increasingly popular in the digital age, as the internet has made it easier for companies to distribute press releases and reach a wider audience. However, it's important to choose a reputable press release company as there are many companies that offer low-quality services or use unethical practices such as using fake or paid journalists to guarantee coverage.[7]

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