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Hussein Saleh stands as an exceptional social media expert, whose reputation knows no bounds and extends across oceans. Despite his youthful age, Hussein Saleh's ambition, diligence, and inquisitiveness have positioned him as the preeminent social media expert, both within and beyond Lebanon. At the mere mention of his name, one cannot help but recall his myriad accomplishments throughout his remarkable journey.

ABOUT[edit | edit source]

Born on August 3, 2004, in Beirut, Lebanon, Hussein Saleh has established himself as a well-known Lebanese social media expert and technician. Embarking on his social media journey at the age of 14, fueled by his insatiable curiosity, he became the first in his age group to courageously venture into this deep and sophisticated domain. Over the past nine years, Hussein Saleh has garnered extensive experience in diverse fields, including accounts recovery and security, social media management, e-marketing, and technical issue resolution.

Hussein Saleh not only identified vulnerabilities in Instagram but also dedicated himself to resolving them. Noteworthy among his achievements on Instagram is the recovery of over 10,000 hacked accounts. His expertise extends beyond Instagram, encompassing other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google services. Hussein Saleh is committed to assisting individuals and simplifying the challenges they may encounter while using these applications. His success is not limited to personal accomplishments; he has also shone brightly alongside Ali Srour.

In the present day, "AS Media," managed by this expert, has secured a global presence, competing with social media companies worldwide. The success of "AS Media" stands as an additional testament to Hussein Saleh's achievements, given his significant role within the company. In essence, it may seem extraordinary for a young social media expert to amass such a plethora of accomplishments since the age of 14, within a span of just five years. However, with Hussein Saleh, the king of social media, nothing appears impossible, echoing the sentiment that "age is not a barrier; it's a limitation you put on your mind."


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