Hridoy Theke Rochitoy

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Hridoy Theke Rochitoy is a Poet's literary book of selected rhymes in Bengali language by Towfiq Sultan.

Written from the heart by Taufiq Sultan | TK. 250 TK. 215 You Save TK 35 (14%) icon Reviews Save GENRE Bengali poetry LENGTH 80 PAGES LANGUAGE BN Bangla PUBLICATION Dear Bengali publication AUTHOR Taufiq Sultan EDITION 2023 1ST EDITION COUNTRY BD Bangladesh.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the poetry book 'Written from the Heart', two poems written from the Qur'an have been taken first. Here basically seeking shelter from the creator is praised. In the poem 'Relationship of Mathematics with Life', the poet says, 'If number symbols think of hard work / Process symbols think of luck.'I like this poem very much. He gave a beautiful explanation of the similarity of life through mathematics. In the poem 'Cranial nerve number 7', the poet says, 'Your lack is like the cranial nerve number 7 coming out of the brain / the seven colors of the rainbow.' In the end, I will say that the poem 'Written from the Heart' is an excellent creation of the poet Taufiq Sultan. I hope this book of poetry will become permanent in Bengali literature.