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Elizabeth Laade Johnson is a British-Nigerian singer, songwriter, and published author whose music and writing are deeply rooted in personal experiences. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, E.J. relocated to London, UK in her early twenties to pursue studies in biosciences. Renowned for her creative penmanship, she captivates audiences as both a novelist and a storyteller. Her debut album, "Reminiscence," showcases singles like "Crazy Love," "In My Dreams," "I'll Pretend," and "Get Stepping to It," among others, each imbued with a unique emotional charm. Currently, E.J. is immersed in the studio, crafting more melodies for her album. Additionally, she's actively engaged in writing the next installment of the Sebastian series, titled "Sebastian Book 5: Fighting Fate."

About Me[edit | edit source]

Elizabeth Laade Johnson grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. Her father, Johnson, was a customs officer and died in 2002 of a heart attack, long before Elizabeth published her first book. Her mother, Esther, was a school teacher at a Local Authority Primary School, where Elizabeth herself attended. She then started her secondary school education in 1989 at Federal Government College in Abuja, Nigeria. Elizabeth has six siblings, and she is the third child of the six.

Elizabeth studied microbiology as her first degree at the Lagos State University in Nigeria. She then moved to London, where she took on more studies and worked part-time while studying. She completed her master's in Biomedical Science at the London Metropolitan University.

Elizabeth enjoys books and wanted to be a writer from an early age. She wrote her first screenplay at the age of seventeen. She finds writing exhilarating and is very passionate about her characters. Some of her plots, she says, come from dreams she’s had. However, 99% of her stories are pure fiction. She is a hopeless romantic, and that reflects in most of her works.

She wrote her first novel, "Hasina: My Great Escape," in 2008 but did not publish it until 2018. In 2009, she conceived the idea of the "Sebastian Vampire Romance" books while in discussion with her family on what she could write about next. She has written four books in the series and has just embarked on the fifth book, "Sebastian 5: Fighting Fate," which she says will be the final book for the series. She has written other books such as "Harry Moon: The Blue-Eyed Wolf," "Jana: That Plague Called Love," "Jaekeal: The Hunter Boy," and has various other books in the works. She lives in London with her family.

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