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Dr. Indu Bansal[edit | edit source]

Dr. Indu Bansal is an esteemed journalist and documentary filmmaker from Sonipat, Haryana, India. With over 23 years of experience in the field, she has made significant contributions to journalism, media, news reporting, film production, and religious and political documentary making. Dr. Bansal's outstanding achievements have earned her recognition, including the prestigious title of being a London Book of World Record holder.[1]

Early Life and Education[edit | edit source]

Born on January 30, 1976, in Sonipat, Haryana, Dr. Indu Bansal was raised in a family with a strong tradition of service to the nation. Her father, Late Sh. Ram Pal Jain, served as an Army Officer, imparting values of discipline and dedication to his daughter. Her mother, Late Smt. Nirmal Jain, provided unwavering support and encouragement in her academic pursuits.

Dr. Bansal pursued her education with diligence, obtaining a Master's degree followed by an M.Phil. in her chosen field, laying the foundation for her future career in journalism and documentary filmmaking.[2]

Career[edit | edit source]

Dr. Indu Bansal's journey in journalism began over two decades ago, and since then, she has been at the forefront of delivering reliable and unbiased news to the masses. She is the Founder Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Khabar Palika News Agency, a platform dedicated to providing credible news coverage across various sectors.

Her exemplary work in journalism has been recognized with numerous accolades. Dr. Bansal was honored with the Best Journalist Award by the Governor of Haryana in 2008 and 2022, highlighting her consistent commitment to excellence. Additionally, she received the Best Journalist Award from the Chief Minister of Haryana in 2010, further underscoring her significant contributions to the field.

In recognition of her remarkable achievements, Dr. Indu Bansal was appointed as the National Spokesperson for BSPS, based in New Delhi, where she continues to advocate for issues pertinent to society.[3]

In January 2024, Dr. Bansal was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Award by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, in appreciation of her exemplary contributions to journalism and documentary filmmaking.[4]

One of Dr. Bansal's most notable accomplishments is the production of over 1000 documentary films on religious places (Devsthan) across India. These films serve as a testament to her dedication to preserving and promoting the rich cultural and religious heritage of the country.[5]

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Dr. Indu Bansal shares her life with her husband, Sh. Naveen Bansal, who is also a senior journalist. Their shared passion for journalism further strengthens their bond and commitment to the field.[6][7][8][9]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Dr. Indu Bansal's illustrious career in journalism and documentary filmmaking has left an indelible mark on the field. Her unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity, coupled with her passion for storytelling, has earned her widespread acclaim and recognition both nationally and internationally.[10][11]

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