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Derrick Dzurko, based in Los Angeles, CA, US, is the owner of Executive 1 Media Group, a California public relations firm and advertising agency. Executive 1 Media Group currently represents award-winning clients, television shows, recording artists, and political candidates. Derrick Dzurko is also a journalist with many headlines in AP-News and contributes valuable insights to the industry locally and abroad. Making him one of California’s most sought-after brand creators.

Music & Entertainment[edit | edit source]

Born In Detroit Michigan, Derrick Dzurko attended Detroit Central High School and Lewis Business College. Around the age of 12, being a young musician Derrick came into contact with Roquel Payton, son of Lawrence Payton who was a famed member of the 4 Tops. Roquel introduced Derrick to his father and later established friendly relationships with the other members of the famed 4 Tops, them allowing him to learn about recording and the business life ahead of him. Roquel Payton, now member of the 4 Tops, contribution for teenage Derrick Dzurko paved the way for parts of his success.

In 1986, at the age of 19, Derrick set eyes on Los Angeles, where later he began his journey as record company owner of BMT Records. Derrick became friends with Randy and Rodrick Sheraton, where they ventured as a team, trying to put their hands in the music industry, and had a few successes along the way. Derrick’s, moment came when he hit the streets of Hollywood. Carollyne Dzurko his wife, who later passed away in 2022, who studying to be an attorney stood by his side, a and they formed Black Music Track Records BMT Record. Derrick first release was "TREVA Wit Dat Sh*t in 1996" on recording Artist Treva Dennis. The Team for the TREVA project:

"Treva" Primary Artist, Vocals
"Dawn" Performer | Primary Artist Feature
"Mr. Solo" Performer | Primary Artist Feature
"Stanley Collins" | Composer, Performer, Primary Artist
"Drama" Performer | Primary Artist Feature
"Daddy V" Performer | Primary Artist Feature
Chilly Baby | Music Producer, Co-writer
Derjuan Perry | Music Producer
Renee Smallwood | Composer | producer
Monique Ashley | Composer
Carollyne Holland Dzurko | Composer | Executive Producer
Jeffery Freeman | Composer, Piano
Rod Sheridan | Composer
Derek Christensen | Bass, Guitar
Johnny & Shirley Howard | Executive Producer
Derrick Dzurko | Composer, Executive Producer, Producer
Sean Freehill | Engineer
Mykil | Engineer
Richard "Rikko" Pruess | Engineer
Ronald Lebow | Executive Producer

Derrick's producing talents established a future in the Hollywood business community. During this time, Derrick played and produced music with Gospel recording artist Gospel Gansters, which lead to Chill co-producing and Mr. Solo, doing a feature on the song "Coming from a OG. Due to lack of sales BMT Records, was forced to act as a publishing. After years of being a silent music producer and engineer on many hit projects. Dean Dunbar, one of Derrick's close friends to this day, was president of LA College in Los Angeles, suggested he produce the colleges new television commercial. Another close friend Derjuan Perry (another friend to this day), gave him the push he needed with his words - "Keep it moving". Derrick change shifts and began Executive 1 Media Group, now representing recording artist, television shows and many US brands. Derrick still to this day calls upon his friends to this day, always keeping his wisdom near his side.

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