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Christopher M. Naghibi, born on June 28, 1980, is an accomplished American professional renowned for his versatile expertise in law, real estate, and finance. He is best known for founding Black Crown Inc., a groundbreaking real estate company that revolutionizes traditional practices by integrating cutting-edge technology with personalized service. In addition, Naghibi serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of First Foundation Bank. With a career spanning over two decades, Naghibi has held key positions at prominent institutions such as First Fidelity Funding, United States Financial Services, and Impac Mortgage Corp and has helped generated over $10 million in revenue. His vast experience in lending platforms, credit administration, and risk management positions him as a leader in scalable institutional operations.[1][2]

In 2019, Christopher M. Naghibi launched Black Crown Inc., demonstrating his ability to blend innovation with traditional industries. A sought-after speaker, he frequently shares his insights at industry events on topics related to real estate, lending, and fintech, showcasing his fluency in multiple languages, including Farsi, Japanese, and Spanish. Naghibi's career is a testament to his dynamic vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence.[3][4]

Early Life and Education[edit | edit source]

Christopher M. Naghibi, born on June 28, 1980, in the United States, shares a passion marked by intellectual curiosity and a passion for diverse fields. Raised with a keen interest in sciences, Naghibi started his academic journey at Irvine Valley College, where he completed his Associate of Arts in Biology, General in 1999. He also studied Biology from the University of Southern California earning a Bachelor of Science degree. However, Naghibi actual interest lied in Law for which he redirected his focus in 2002 towards the legal domain, enrolling at Trinity Law School to learn Business Law.

In 2010, he earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration, showcasing his commitment to a well-rounded understanding of business principles. His thirst for knowledge persisted, and in 2011, Naghibi obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from American Heritage University. Continuing to embrace a holistic approach to education, Naghibi culminated his academic pursuits with a notable achievement. In 2018, he became a distinguished alumnus of Yale University, graduating from the Yale School of Management’s Global Executive Leadership Program (YGELP). This accomplishment reflected Naghibi's commitment to continuous learning and leadership development on a global scale.

Christopher M. Naghibi's early life and education form a compelling narrative of intellectual exploration, spanning the sciences, law, and business. His diverse educational background lays the foundation for the multifaceted professional journey that unfolds throughout his career. [5]

Career[edit | edit source]

First Foundation Inc (2007-Present)
Christopher M. Naghibi's illustrious career with First Foundation Inc. spans over a decade. In 2007, Naghibi assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer at First Foundation Inc. During his tenure in this pivotal position, Naghibi played a crucial role in shaping the company's credit strategy and risk management practices. His responsibilities included overseeing the credit administration, monitoring, underwriting, processing, and collection policies. Naghibi's keen understanding of aggregate risk, particularly in the realms of real estate, consumer and commercial credit, positioned him as a key figure in ensuring the stability and resilience of First Foundation's loan portfolio. Under Naghibi's leadership, the company navigated through various economic landscapes, adapting and evolving to meet the challenges of the financial industry. His tenure as Chief Credit Officer was marked by a commitment to maintaining the delicate balance between risk mitigation and strategic growth, contributing significantly to First Foundation's reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking financial institution.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions and demonstrated leadership, Christopher M. Naghibi assumed a new role within First Foundation Inc. in 2022. He transitioned to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, reflecting the trust and confidence placed in his abilities by the company's leadership. As Chief Operating Officer, Naghibi undertakes a broader spectrum of responsibilities, playing a pivotal role in the overall operational efficiency and strategic direction of First Foundation.

First Foundation Inc., a publicly traded company on NASDAQ under the symbol FFWM, has distinguished itself in the financial landscape by offering a comprehensive suite of services. From personal and business banking to private wealth management, the company caters to diverse financial needs. The integrated platform encompasses investment, trust, insurance, and philanthropy services, providing clients with a one-stop solution for their financial requirements. One of the key aspects that set First Foundation apart is its commitment to personalized service. Despite offering financial products and services comparable to larger institutions, the company maintains a level of accessibility and responsiveness more akin to community banks and boutique wealth management firms. This unique combination has been instrumental in fostering the growth of First Foundation's client base and overall business.

Throughout Naghibi's tenure, First Foundation Inc. has experienced notable success and expansion. His leadership has been instrumental in aligning the company's strategic objectives with the evolving needs of its clients. The growth of First Foundation's client base and business stands as a testament to Naghibi's ability to navigate the complexities of the financial industry while maintaining a steadfast commitment to personalized service and risk management. [6][7] [8]

Black Crown Realty (2019 – Present)
In 2019, Christopher M. Naghibi founded Black Crown Realty, an unconventional venture that sought to redefine conventional norms within the real estate industry. Functioning as a disruptive collective, Black Crown Realty stands apart from traditional real estate practices. Rather than a conventional brokerage, it serves as a dynamic amalgamation of real estate agents, property managers, and contractors, bringing together a diverse array of professionals under a unified umbrella. The concept of disruption is at the core of Black Crown Realty's philosophy. Naghibi, recognizing the need for a shift in an industry entrenched in traditional practices, envisioned a platform that challenges the status quo. This disruptive collective represents an alternative approach to real estate, emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and a departure from conventional norms.

The collective nature of Black Crown Realty is a distinctive feature. By assembling professionals across various realms of real estate, including agents, property managers, and contractors, the company offers clients a comprehensive suite of services. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and streamlined experience for clients, deviating from the fragmented nature of traditional industry practices.

Technology plays a pivotal role in Black Crown Realty's operational model. Recognizing the transformative power of technology, the company integrates the latest advancements into its practices. From advanced property management systems to innovative marketing strategies, technology is seamlessly woven into every facet of the business, contributing to a more efficient and contemporary client experience.

Black Crown Realty marked a notable shift in Naghibi's career. Building on his extensive experience in lending platforms and financial institutions, the establishment of Black Crown Realty reflected Naghibi's entrepreneurial spirit and his ambition to reshape the real estate landscape. Beyond conventional real estate brokerage, Black Crown Realty's disruptive ideology extends to property management and contracting services. This integration allows for a more streamlined process, from property acquisition to management and maintenance. Clients benefit from a comprehensive solution, eliminating the need for multiple service providers and ensuring a cohesive experience.

As the CEO, Naghibi's leadership underscores the company's commitment to a concierge-level personal touch. While specific client affiliations are not publicly disclosed, there are rumors suggesting that Black Crown Realty serves a discerning clientele, including celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. The company's dedication to privacy and anonymity adds to its distinctive character.[9]

Friendly Hills Bank (2021 – 2022)
Christopher M. Naghibi served as the Independent Director for Friendly Hills Bank from 2021 to 2022, contributing his expertise to a pivotal period marked by a successful transition of control between management teams. In his role, Naghibi played a key part in overseeing and guiding the bank through a period of change, leveraging his extensive background in financial services and strategic leadership.

The transition of control within a management team is a critical juncture for any financial institution, requiring a nuanced understanding of industry dynamics and regulatory considerations. Naghibi's tenure as an Independent Director during this period reflects his strategic acumen and ability to navigate complex transitions. His successful assistance in the management transition at Friendly Hills Bank underscores Naghibi's commitment to effective governance and leadership. As an Independent Director, he provided valuable insights, guidance, and oversight to ensure a smooth and well-managed transition process. Naghibi's role would have involved a keen focus on aligning the bank's strategic objectives with regulatory compliance and the evolving landscape of the financial industry.

The Higher Standard Podcast (2021 – Present)
In 2021, Christopher M. Naghibi released his podcast, "The Higher Standard Podcast." This platform serves as an avenue for Naghibi to share valuable insights drawn from his extensive experiences and knowledge across various industries. Unlike conventional promotional endeavors, the podcast is positioned as an informative channel where Naghibi imparts wisdom garnered throughout his career. The podcast provides a window into Naghibi's perspectives on leadership, entrepreneurship, and industry trends, reflecting a commitment to fostering a culture of excellence. Episodes of the podcast delve into diverse subjects, offering listeners a nuanced understanding of the in-depth of finance, real estate, and business leadership. Naghibi, known for his eloquence and depth of knowledge, uses the podcast to engage with his audience, sharing anecdotes, insights, and valuable lessons learned over the course of his career.

The Higher Standard Podcast is characterized by its professional tone, aligning with Naghibi's ethos of setting high standards in every facet of professional life. The episodes are likely structured to provide thoughtful analysis rather than to serve promotional ends, offering listeners a genuine opportunity to glean insights from Naghibi's wealth of experience.

Listeners of "The Higher Standard Podcast" are presented with a unique opportunity to tap into Naghibi's wealth of knowledge without the conventional marketing pitch. The podcast stands as a testament to Naghibi's commitment to education and the dissemination of valuable insights, contributing to the broader conversation on excellence in business and leadership. In essence, "The Higher Standard Podcast" is a thoughtful and informative exploration of the principles and standards that define success in the professional landscape, as shared by Christopher M. Naghibi.

Christopher M. Naghibi speaks frequently at industry events on the topics of real estate, lending, and fintech. He is fluent in Farsi, Japanese, and Spanish language.[10]

Licenses and certifications[edit | edit source]

Christopher holds a number of licenses and certifications

Licenses Organization Industry Notes
OCAR Member Broker, REALTOR Orange County Association of Realtors Real Estate
NAR Member Broker, REALTOR® National Association of REALTORS® Real Estate
OCBA Attorney Member Orange County Bar Association - CA Bar Association Issued May 2018 - Expires January 2021
Real Estate Broker Bureau Of Real Estate Real Estate
General Building Contractor (Class B) Contractors State License Board Real Estate
Attorney State Bar of California Bar Association

Philanthropy[edit | edit source]

Christopher M. Naghibi extends his commitment to sharing experiences and knowledge through philanthropy, notably through his involvement in The Higher Standard Podcast. This platform serves as a unique avenue for Naghibi to contribute insights without a commercial agenda, emphasizing a commitment to education and the dissemination of valuable knowledge.

The Higher Standard Podcast is not merely a promotional tool but a medium where Naghibi, as a philanthropist, offers a thoughtful and informative knowledge. The podcast provides a space where Naghibi delves into his experiences and expertise, sharing valuable insights gained over his extensive career in law, real estate, and finance.

Listeners can expect a nuanced exploration of various subjects related to Naghibi's professional journey, allowing for a deeper understanding of the intricacies of his fields of expertise. The podcast is characterized by a professional tone, reflecting Naghibi's commitment to maintaining a high standard of discourse.

By contributing to philanthropy through The Higher Standard Podcast, Naghibi provides a service to the community, offering a resource for individuals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the legal, real estate, and financial realms. The podcast aligns with Naghibi's ethos of sharing knowledge for the betterment of others, demonstrating a dedication to fostering education and professional development.

In summary, The Higher Standard Podcast stands as a philanthropic endeavor led by Christopher M. Naghibi, where professionalism and a commitment to education take precedence over promotional motives. This platform serves as a testament to Naghibi's belief in the value of sharing insights for the benefit of a broader audience, contributing to the broader landscape of knowledge and understanding in his areas of expertise.[11]

Naghibi also sits on the board of She Built This City, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that accelerates and finds holistic approaches in order to empower women of all ages to create a framework for enhancing their career in the construction and manufacturing trades.[12]

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