Baris Ozgur

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Baris Ozgur[1] was born on (October 16, 1971) in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul university[2] faculty of business administration with a BA Degree. He also received an MBA degree in finance from London UK.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

He worked as an economic and political consultant for the ANC party in the Kimberley area of the Norther Cape province of the Republic of South Africa for 2 years. He has done valuable mining in West Africa and Central Africa and has expertise in international economy and finance. It has over 15 years of expertise in Diamonds and Lab grown Diamonds in Asia and Africa, especially India and China. He has been producing, writing and directing in the cinema and entertainment industry for the last 7 years with O My God Films LLC, which he founded in America, and Baris Ozgur Aron Films, which he founded in Istanbul. He was the producer and screenwriter of the films "Dervish and the Ballerina" and "Cold Blooded Love". He was awarded top-level awards for the films he shot, and he still continues to do quality work in the fields of producer, screenwriter and director internationally.

References[edit | edit source]

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