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Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Baby Slvett is an American rapper from California. She loves to rap and discover new beats. She enjoys recording rap music inside and outside of the recording studio. She loves to freestyle her rap songs most because this is how she started out recording her raps. She has huge interests in the world that revolve around hip-hop and hardcore rap music.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Baby Slvett was born on October 26, 2000, in a local city in Los Angeles County, where she was raised by her parents. During her childhood, she attended hip-hop dance classes and gymnastics classes. She attended public school until she was 17 years old, when she graduated high school with a high school diploma. She had plans to attend fashion design school in either Beverly Hills or Paris but decided she wanted a career that would support her financially and decided that fashion design wouldn’t be the best fit for her. During her teens, she started writing rap songs and using her creative mind to make out a beat for her lyrics, and she soon started creating her own beats. After high school, Baby Slvett attended QC Career Academy, an online makeup school, in hopes of becoming a celebrity freelance makeup artist. After QC, she decided that celebrity freelance makeup was a huge responsibility and wanted to do something that she really loved, which was music.

She took some vocal lessons and decided she wanted to be a singer instead of a rap artist, so she began writing songs and booked a few recording sessions in the recording studio. After her first studio session as a singer, she decided that rap was a more fitting choice for her voice. Eventually, she started teaching herself how to freestyle rap outside of the recording studio. Her freestyle raps were about being a girly girl, high heels, expensive cars, money, rich friends, diamond chains, rich boyfriends, the high life, being the best, and the world learning to love her rap name, Baby Slvett. Soon, she decided she wanted to take music to the next level and work on more rap music professionally. Baby Slvett was introduced to what we call a rap career and was working hard on her craft as a female rapper.

She was interested in beats with a hardcore rap vibe that can contribute to a bomb flow. Soon, she gained interest in writing and producing her own rap songs for everyone around the world to listen to. She became a fan of the rap industry and started working on a rap career. She had high expectations for her fans to be able to grow with her and learn her name, identity, journey, music, and much more. She became known for her taste in bomb rap beats and her classic flow. Starting out, she wasn’t sure how she was going to achieve her rap goals as a new rap artist, so she decided that uploading music through a music distribution service was her best option.

She was very fond of her flow and had a bomb taste in rap beats, so she decided to create an instrumental. She made a freestyle on the beat and was going to upload her instrumental and her freestyle rap online, but only ended up uploading her instrumental, which she titled Luxury. Soon after she canceled her release because she felt she needed more time and experience developing her relationship with rapping her music in the recording studio. She started calling herself the best at an early start in her rap career because she felt she was the best at her craft when rapping her lyrics.

Career[edit | edit source]

In 2022, she uploaded an instrumental with plans of uploading her freestyle called Luxury to a music distribution service, but later on canceled her release. In 2024, she planned her breakout rap career and released an EP and multiple singles to support her rap career.

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