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My name is Ayomiposi Favour and people call me (GOD BLESS) born on April 10, 2006, in Ogbomoso oyo state, Nigeria, he is the child of Mr. and Mrs. Ayomiposi, natives of oyo State, who reside in ogbomoso, oyo State. He attended Grace standard in Ikirun until Secondary JSS3, after which he transferred to School of science, Ikirun, where he completed his S.S.S. education. Upon finishing school, he delved into the world of Network Marketing with Neolife and simultaneously embarked on a freelancing career. He established a strong presence on platforms like Fiverr undertaking diverse projects such as Vrchat avatar, game development,social media managements,udemy course promotions,Tiktok promotions,Youtube promotions,sales funnel landing page design, He has refined his skills over the last two years.

Career[edit | edit source]

Ayomiposi Favour embarked on his career journey in 2023 when he seized a remarkable business opportunity with Neolife. Proficient in various facets of online business, he specializes in digital marketing, programming, graphic design, he work on one largest freelancing platform call fiverr

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