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Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan is a Musical Artist,Voice Artist and Singer of Bangladesh. He born on (26 August 2004) in Chattogram,Bangladesh . His father's name is Priyamal Barua and mother's name is Anupama Barua. His father was an army officer. His own family was Buddhist. But one of his favorite religions was Islam. In 2023, he decided to embrace Islam. Later he was named Akhib Hasan Al Imran. But everyone knows him as Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan. Although he had no interest in politics, he was associated with the BNP party.During the year 2021, he loved a girl very much since his school life. The girl's name is Akhi Akter Moni[1]. He called her Moni. There is no difference between them. But around June 27, 2022, their relationship ended due to social circumstances. The girl was born on June 30, 2006 in Diakul village of Dohazari.

Education[edit | edit source]

He passed JSC in 2019 from Ispahani Public School and College,Comilla and SSC in Science from Diakul Sanowara High School and College,Dohazari in 2022 with GPA 4.61. Then he got admission in Pahartali University College,Chattogram from science department for HSC pass and his wife Akhi Akter passed SSC in Huminities from Diakul Sanowara High School and College,Dohazari in 2022 with GPA 3.31.Then he got admission in same College from Huminities department for HSC pass.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan wife name is Akhi Akter Moni[2].Akhi Akter born on 30 june 2006 in chattogram.She is student at diakul high school and college. Her father's name is Abdu Sattar and mother's name is Senowara Begum. Her favourite eat is dairly milk choklet. Akhi Akter is a muslim. Akhib called her Moni. Ahmed Akhib love him very much. Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan Grandfather name is Hariranjan Barua and Grandmother name is Dipu Rani Barua . His own sister name is Payel Barua Api. His Uncle name is Bikash Barua , Aunty name is Beauty Barua , Cousin brother and sister name is Diptto Barua and Moon Barua . They live in own village . They village name is Jamijuri . It's located in Dohazari,Bangladesh . Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan Favorite food is chocolate and Drinks.His favourite actor is Sayed Mokaram Bari . His favourite sport is Cricket . He likes play cricket .His only dream is to help all Islamic people.He likes to write and sing songs. He can also draw good pictures .His father's dream was that Akhib would become a good singer.Apart from this, Akhib's dream is to serve the society as a Doctor.He doesn't have much in common with his family because he is Muslim and all of his family are Buddhists. His only request to Allah is to get his beloved man Akhi Akter Moni . If anyone understood him in his life, it was only Akhi Akter Moni[3] . So he loves Akhi Akter more than his life.

Secret Islamic Underground Team[edit | edit source]

The Secret Islamic Underground Team[4] is an organization that works for Islam. Around April 2023, Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan (26 August 2004) founded this organization.He established this organization for the benefit of people. The mission of this organization is to help all Islamic people. It also provides security to Islamic institutions. It has locations in [64 districts] of Bangladesh. If he opposes Islam, this organization takes action against him. Cyber security provides security to Islamic states in various countries. This organization gives the maximum benefits and security to Islam. All the newcomers in this team are very talented. All beginners become hacking experts. If there are bad comments about Islam on any social media, then this hacker team hacks all their information. They are always ready to give their lives for Islam. All the newbies of this team live underground. They keep a watchful eye everywhere. The head office of this organization is located in Chittagong. Mainly the team members of the organization work under the orders of Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan. Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan is also known as Akhib Hasan Al Imran. Very soon this company will create their official website, through which anyone can easily report any problem to them through E-mail.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He wakes up every morning at 8 am and goes out for his work. One of his main works is research on Islam. His job is to take Islam to a higher level. Besides, he was always ahead to help the poor.

Memorable Day[edit | edit source]

Just as there is no end to suffering in everyone's life, there was no shortage of suffering in Akhib's life.The reason for the most suffering was Akhi Akter's passing. So he always played games to keep his mind happy. One of his games was free fire game. Also, he loves to sing.Also, it is surprising to think that he got addicted to cigarettes at a young age. He had a lot of interest in cigarettes. On the words of Akhi Akter,he gave up cigarettes, but after leaving Akhir, he became addicted to drugs. After about [1.5 years] of breakup with Akhi Akter,they talked even for a short time. Since then they have never been in contact. The most painful moment of his life is leaving the person he loves.26 June 2022 is the memorable day of his life.

Akhi Akter is a student. Total number of members in his family is 7 people. They are 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Her elder sister's name is Daisy Akhter , and her younger sister's name is Lucky Akhter . And two brothers named Armaan and younger brother Irfan. He born on 30th June 2006 in Diakul Village of Dohazari Municipality of Chittagong District. He grew up in the village. He studied in the village school. At that time Akhib was living in Comilla. Akhib's family moved to the village around April 2021 due to the logdown. Akhib's family is Buddhist. At that time Akhib's name was Protik Barua. Almost everyone knew by that name. But after getting into a relationship with Akhi Akter, she fell in love with Islam. Akhi Akter is Muslim. Later Akhib changed his religion. Then his name was changed to Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan from Nishan Barua Protik. He was also known as Akhib Hasan Al Emran by many people. However, after breaking up with Akhi Akter, she often became mentally ill. They had no contact for almost 2 years. Akhi Akter also became mentally ill. The reason for their breakup was the social situation. No one accepted the relationship between a Buddhist and a Muslim woman. Then the friends who are with them are also unfaithful. As a result Akhib never wanted to contact them again. Akhi Akter wanted to study Nursing. But maybe that is no longer possible. Akhib wanted to celebrate his birthday. And was very happy to think that she will get Akhi Akter as her own. But who knew that they lost touch 4 days before Akhi Akter's birthday celebration. The shadow of grief descends. The day was 26 June 2022. 4 days later it was Akhi Akter's birthday. No longer observed. Since then, June 26 has become known as the day of lost memory for Akhib. Since then the pages of Akhi Akter's letter have not been [opened]. It is still in a corner. Every day spent with her and all the memories she gave him makes Akhib very sad.

Gift by Akhi Akter[edit | edit source]

Akhi Akter gifts Akhib a watch and a shirt on his Birthday.

Moni Song[edit | edit source]

The Moni song[5] was writing by Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan. The song was writing date 05 Oct 2023 .The song relese next season . It is a very emotional story song . Ahmed Akhib Al Hasan main hobby is singing. He liked to write new songs. After leaving Akhi Akter, he wrote a song dedicated to him. That song was titled Moni. The name Moni is the Nickname of Akhi Akter. Akhib used to call him Moni.After writing the song Moni, he gave the song a suddenly let go of his hand in the middle story. The story Suddenly letting go of the hand in the middle is written by Akhib. And one song of that story is "Moni". He trusts in Allah that Akhi Akter Moni will come back to him after listening to this song.

Award[edit | edit source]

In 2020, he was recognized as the second runner-up in the Art competition organized by the Army at Comilla Cantonment.

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