Agata Arakel

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Agata Arakel (born June 7, 1983) is a Polish real estate professional, internet personality, and model, best known for her persona as Jaga Fashion Girl on Instagram.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Agata Arakel was born on June 7, 1983, in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. Since her childhood, she exhibited a natural inclination towards creativity and a profound interest in fashion and entertainment. Fostering her passion, she actively engaged in various artistic endeavors, refining her skills over time. Arakel pursued higher education, attaining a Master's degree in Psychology from SWPS University in Wroclaw, Poland. This academic background enriched her understanding of human behavior, which she skillfully employs in her online presence and interactions with her audience.

Career[edit | edit source]

Agata Arakel's career is distinguished by her notable accomplishments across multiple industries. Initially rising to prominence as an internet personality, she captivated audiences with her engaging content and charismatic persona. Boasting a follower count exceeding one million on Instagram, she has established herself as a highly influential figure in the online realm.

In addition to her success as an internet personality, Arakel has made significant strides in the real estate sector. Affiliated with NB Elite Realty Miami, FL, she leverages her expertise and passion for properties to offer unparalleled service to her clients. With a deep understanding of the market and exceptional interpersonal skills, she has earned a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable professional in the industry.

Arakel's influence extends beyond the digital sphere and real estate. Her presence is often sought after at prestigious fashion events and grand openings, where she serves as a testament to her recognized status in the fashion and entertainment domains. Renowned for her impeccable style and keen fashion sense, she is revered as a trendsetter and authority in the industry.

Moreover, Arakel has played a pivotal role in the entertainment sector. Her involvement with Warner Bros Discovery included casting and selecting participants for the inaugural edition of the Wives of Miami Polish Edition. Through her discerning eye and expertise, she contributed to shaping the cast and bringing the show to fruition.

Furthermore, Arakel actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, utilizing her platform to raise awareness and support causes close to her heart. Through her philanthropy, she endeavors to effect positive change in society and inspire her followers to contribute to meaningful causes.

Arakel's extensive connections and collaborations underscore her influential stature within the industry. Her engaging personality and compelling content have attracted the attention of numerous individuals, facilitating collaborations and establishing her as a trusted and respected figure in the realms of entertainment and fashion.

Additionally, Arakel has aligned herself with prominent brands worldwide, underscoring her influential standing. Her reputation as an internet personality and model has garnered the trust and attention of notable companies, resulting in exciting collaborations and partnerships. Through effective promotion and representation of their products or services, she has cemented her position as a trusted and respected figure in the marketing and advertising sphere.

Agata Arakel's multifaceted journey as an internet personality, model, influencer, and real estate professional, complemented by her academic achievements, philanthropic endeavors, and contributions to the casting process of the Wives of Miami Polish Edition, solidifies her status as an accomplished individual. Her dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to propel her to greater heights, inspiring and empowering others through her achievements.