Adekunle Ezekiel

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name            = Adekunle Ezekiel

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| native_name = Ezekiel

| native_name_lang = Yoruba

| birth_name = Idowu i | birth_date =25 December 2005

| birth_place = Ikirun

| nationality = Nigeria

| education = college of education

| occupation = Freelancer And Network Marketer | religion = Christianity

| years_active = 2024 to pre

|website=https://Adekunleezekiel |height=5 fit 5 inches }}

Adekunle Ezekiel was born in the year 2003,I'm a native of Ikirun. My parents is the native of Ijesa. I lives with my stepmother after the death of my parents. I Started nursery & primary school at Shinning light nursery & primary school Ikirun. And i continued my secondary school at Holy Trinity Secondary School Ikirun. After all, i was introduced into a business though at the first place i wasn't accepted to the joining the business. Unfortunately as i join the business i gained alot of skill and i glorify the only name.

Career[edit | edit source]

Adekunle Ezekiel start his career in the years 2024 , Because he join a great and awesome business opportunity call [2]Neolife. And he is also expert in online business that he specialize on Digital marketing, social media marketing, Seo expert, Shopify marketing, dropshipping, promotion and so on. And he is working on some freelancer platform like [Upwork][3], [fiverr][4], [kwork][5],and so on

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