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Abhishek Desai is an Indian singer-songwriter[1] and musician who makes independent music in Hindi and English. He is best known for his track "Hanging".

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Abhishek Desai, born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, discovered his love for music at 7 when he picked up a guitar. In his late teens, he delved into songwriting, creating a unique blend of indie-pop. Graduating from Shantiniketan School, Kolhapur, Abhishek pursued Civil Engineering, balancing academia and music. His early life's fusion of cultural richness and academic rigor shapes the authenticity of his indie-pop creations, resonating with a global audience.

Career[edit | edit source]

Abhishek Desai, made waves with his debut single "Hanging," showcasing vulnerability and musical finesse. His EP, "Close to You," explores diverse sonic landscapes, blending heartfelt ballads with infectious rhythms. Abhishek's storytelling prowess transcends boundaries, inviting listeners into the intricacies of human connection. Rooted in authenticity and influenced by various inspirations, he resonates with a broad audience, leaving an indelible mark on the indie-pop scene.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Abhishek Desai's life beyond music is a blend of diverse passions. An avid gamer, he immerses himself in virtual worlds, finding creativity and relaxation. His love extends to animals, reflecting a compassionate lifestyle. Weekends see him hitting the open road on his bike, where the hum of the engine becomes a thrilling melody. Abhishek's personal narrative is one of varied interests, from gaming to animal advocacy and the freedom of riding, all weaving into the rich tapestry of his life.

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