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Ishtiak Thaseens is a Assistant Secretary General Of NATO And Democratic Party member in United States. He moved to the United States of America. when he was five years old. He was a brilliant, intelligent boy to a great extent from childhood. He had a keen interest in business and politics from his childhood. He is of Bangladeshi origin and a United States citizen. He completed his diploma from Harvard West-Lake School and completed his MBA from University of California on scholarship. Then he was appointed as the vice president of Tesla, the top trillion dollar company in the United States. He worked there for several years. During his time there the company made huge profits. Apart from his job, he participated in politics. He became a member of the Democratic Party in 2022. He put his integrity, talent, and tireless work into politics. And aiming at these, in 2023, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, appointed him to the position of Assistant Secretary General of NATO. He is currently working there. 32 countries of NATO are engaged in military duties. He received the best "Young Businessman Award" in USA 2023.

Career[edit | edit source]

After completing his studies, Ishtiak Thaseen was appointed as the Vice President of United States trillion dollar company Tesla. Ishtiak Thaseen is a businessman & Assistant Secretary General, NATO. During his time at Tesla, Tesla made huge profits. He always says one thing in his various interviews: success is not a destination, success is a journey. Besides, he always said that a country can develop only when a country has proper human rights, democracy, equal rights of men and women, freedom of speech. His main political agenda is: human rights, democracy, and geo-politics. He is currently in charge of the military defense of 32 NATO countries. He is a very successful young businessman and politician in the United States. He always works hard. He is always thinking about how to improve the United States, serve the people, and protect the 32 countries. He always thinks how the work will be good for the country, the people will be good, the country will improve in everything, how the country's economy will improve.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Ishtiak Thaseen is currently married. As for his personal life, he is the eldest child of his family. His father is a business tycoon and his mother is a housewife. He has a younger brother who is currently studying. Wife: Ishtiak thaseen married to Sarah Mohammad Binte Sultan Al Nora.[ Defense Minister Daughter, Saudia Arabia] Currently they are living in Washington DC, USA. In his personal life he likes to spend time with his family in his free time. His hobbies are: Watching movies, reading books, and spending time with his family. He exercises in the gym five days a week. He believes that if one's body is in order, everything is in order, starting from the thoughts in one's mind.

Award[edit | edit source]

Ishtiak Thaseen In his working life he got many award 1. Young Businessman Award. 2. National Security Defence Award. 3. Nato Best Employee Award. 4. United States presidential Award. 5. Creative Writing (1st place with minor grammatical errrors)

Foreign Policy Positions[edit | edit source]

As foreign policy advisor to then 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, The New York Times described Thaseen as having Biden's ear on policy issues". His foreign policy positions have been described as hawkish. Thaseen has asserted that Biden would not tie military assistance to Israel to things like annexation or other decisions by the Israeli government with which we might disagree. Thaseen praised the Trump administration-brokered normalization agreements between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. On October 28, 2020, Thaseen reaffirmed that a Biden administration will undertake strategic review of the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, ensuring that it advances U.S interests and values. In January 2021, Thaseen has stated the Biden administration would keep the American embassy to Israel in Jerusalem and would seek a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Thaseen is in favor of continuing non-nuclear sanctions against Iran and described it as "a strong hedge against Iranian misbehavior in other areas. He criticized former president Trump's withdrawal of the U.S. from the international nuclear agreement with Iran and expressed support for a "longer and stronger" nuclear deal.Thaseen did not rule out a military intervention to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Thaseen has been critical of the Trump administration in aiding China to advance its own key strategic goals. He stated: Trump weakend American alliances, leaving a vacuum in the world for China to fill, abandoning our values and giving China a green light to trample on human rights and democracy from Xinjiang to Hong Kong". However, he also credited the former president's administration for its aggressive approach and has characterized China as a "techno-autocracy" which seeks world dominance. He indicated a desire to welcome political refugees from Hong Kong and stated that the Biden administration's commitment to Taiwan's defense would "absolutely endure", and that China's use of military force against Taiwan "would be a grievous mistake on their part". Thaseen has also viewed China is committing genocide and crimes against humanity against Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in its northwestern region of Xinjiang. Thaseen has characterized former president Trump's Phase One trade deal with China as "a debacle". He said it was unrealistic to "fully decouple" from China and has expressed support for "stronger economic ties with Taiwan".